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  • Scientist finds mistake on Turkish 5-lira banknote
    The Hurriyet Daily News reports that Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar has found a mistake in the DNA helix on the Turkish 5-lira note. " Speaking during a visit to schools in Is
  • Turkey - 5 lira
    Turkey - 5 lira - 2009 - P222 The front of this notes depicts, like all Turkish notes, President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938). The reverse shows Prof. Dr. Aydin Sayil
  • New additions week 17 - 2013
    My mother recently returned from a short vacation in Istanbul, Turkey. And being the sweet mother that she is, she brought some new banknotes for my collection with her. I
  • Turkey announces new 5, 50 and 200 lira
    The Central Bank of Turkey has announced the introduction of a new 5 lira banknote. The traditional brown colour will be replaced by purple. Apart from the new 5 lira note
  • New signature varieties for Turkey
    Turkey has announced that new signature varieties will be issued on 24 December 2012. The new varieties will be for the 10, 20 and 100 Lira banknotes. The following signat

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