Hungary announces new 20,000-forint note

The Central Bank of Hungary is busy replacing all its banknotes. Last year we saw the new 10,000-forint note and now the Bank has announced it will replace its highest denomination, the 20,000-forint note, in December 2015.

Coinworld reports: "The note will keep its predecessor’s 154- by 70-millimeter size and the basic design that was first issued in 2001 with a 1999 date. The most obvious difference in the new note is a change in its central color to a greenish-blue from a reddish-gray. 

The portrait of legendary 19th century statesman Ferenc Deák (1803 to 1876) will remain on the face side, as will the old House of Commons in Pest on the back. Deák, known as the “Sage of Hungary,” was a leading fighter for improvement in the conditions of the Hungarian peasantry, and the architect of the Compromise of 1867 that led to union between Austria and Hungary under Emperor Franz Joseph."

"The notes have had the usual panoply of modern security features ever since their inception: Intaglio and microprinting, security thread and fibers, a see-through register, ultraviolet features, fluorescence, optically variable ink, and holographic foil. An addition for 2015 is iridescent printing."

"The new note will be put into circulation in mid-December, at which time the bank will offer specimen and low-numbered notes for sale."

"This is the second of the current series of Hungarian bank notes to be revised. A new 10,000-forint note was introduced last year. It is expected that the 500-, 1,000-, 2,000-, and 5,000-forint denominations will be replaced by 2018."

"Hungary’s bank note paper is made from cotton and is manufactured by Diósgyor Paper Mill Ltd. Notes are printed by the Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Company and designed by Károly Vagyóczky."

Steven Vrijdag 02 Oktober 2015 at 09:39 am | | news
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