New 5000 sum banknote for Uzbekistan

After initially denying news on a new banknote, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan has now officially released information on a new 5000 sum banknote. This makes it the highest denomination in the country. Previously the 1000 sum was the banknote with the highest denomination.

The new banknote will be released 1 July and measures 144 x 78 mm. More information can be obtained at this website (google translate) of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.

The pictures below are cut from the info sheets (one and two) on the website of the Central Bank hence the arrows.

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Is Jane Austen the new face for the 10 pound note?

After the Bank of England announced that Sir Winston Churchill would be the next 'head' on the 5 pound note, all hell has broken loose. Not so much over Churchill but on the abscence of a woman on any of the English banknotes. Women's Rights groups, feminists, politicians: all of them are using their influence to get a woman back on an English banknote.

Now, outgoing Governor Sir Mervyn King has hinted that novelist Jane Austen (1775-1817) might be the next historical figure who will appear on a 10 pound banknote. The author of works like Pride and Prejudice is "quietly waiting in the wings" according to Mervyn King.

The way the Bank's money-printing system works is that there are always two versions of a banknote "running in parallel" - the one in circulation, and a back-up note in case there are problems. The reserve figure on that second note often becomes the figure on the following note, he explained - revealing that in the case of the £10 note featuring Charles Darwin, the back-up is Austen.

King's successor as Governor Mark Carney will decide if Jane Austen is indeed the next figure on the 10 pound note. When that will be decided is unknown at this moment.

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Guyana to introduce 5000 dollar notes

Guyana decided last year that a new banknote of 5000 dollar would be introduced. Currently the highest denomination is the 1000 dollar note. MRI now reports that this new 5000 dollar note will be introduced in December 2013. No word yet on the design for this new note.

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Northern Ireland begins circulating new banknotes

From the BBC: "New bank-notes are going into circulation in Northern Ireland. The £10 and £20 notes will be issued from Danske Bank cash machines and branches, and will gradually replace existing Northern Bank notes. The only change on the notes is the replacement of the Northern Bank logo with the Danske Bank logo. Northern Bank rebranded as Danske Bank, the name of its parent bank, in November 2012.

The public can still use Northern Bank notes, which will remain in circulation for several years.Gerry Mallon, head of Danske Bank UK and Ireland, said: "As the new bank-notes will be very similar to the Northern Bank notes, they will look familiar to consumers and retailers. "Although the existing Northern Bank notes will gradually be withdrawn from circulation, they can of course continue to be used in the usual way and will be accepted in retail outlets."

Danske Bank does not print its own £5 notes and the bank is also to stop printing its own £50 and £100 notes. Bank of England notes will be issued instead."

10 pound

20 pound

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New additions week 25 - 2013

A visit to my local coin and banknote dealer has given me some new additionsm to my collection.

  • From Czechoslovakia the 100 korun (P91c)
  • A lovely commemorative issue from the Dominican Republic: the 20 pesos oro from 1992 (P139a)
  • From our old colony the Netherlands Indies a 50 cent note (P110a)
  • A military payment certificate from the United States of 5 cent (Pm29)
  • From the time of the German Empire a 100 mark note (P43a)
  • From the Weimar Republic I got three notes: 50 mark (p66a), 50 mark (P68) and 100 mark (P69b)

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Jack Lew's official new signature

Remember Jack Lew, the current Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and his funny signature? I already wrote about his new signature in May, but now the Treasury Department confirmed the news on Twitter yesterday.

So here it is, the signature of Jack Lew as it wil appear on U.S. currency starting this fall.

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Paper Money of the United States - 20th edition

Arthur L. Friedberg & Ira S. Friedberg have just issued the 20th edition of Paper Money of the United States catalog. The catalog was first published 60 years ago in 1953. An article describing this standard catalog can be found here and orders can be placed here. The catalog is available as hard cover, soft cover or as an e-book (yay!).

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New 5000 rial for Iran

Banknotenews reports that Iran plans to issue a new 5000 rial banknote. Earlier this year we already had the news that larger denominations were on the way but this was never followed by an exact date or more information.

Now this Persian site (google translate) mentions a new 5000 rial banknote is on the way. They even have pictures of the new note. Does this mean the larger denominations will finally be issued for real? We'll have to wait and see I guess.

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Kuwait set to issue new banknote series

According to the Kuwait News Agency, the Central Bank of Kuwait has decided to issue a new series of banknotes. This will be the sixth series since the introduction of the Kuwait Dinar in 1961. The new series will have updated hallmarks, security features and paper quality. Preparations for production have begun and they are expected to be issued within a year. The new notes will circulate alongside the current series which will gradually be withdrawn from the market.

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New banknotes Barbados issued

The new notes of Barbados have been put into circulation on 4 June 2013. The new series has a modernised look and of course updated security features.

The new notes were presented at the beginning of May 2013. For more info and all the images of the new notes, check out my original post.

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New banknote for Australia?

An Australian website asks its readers if a new Australian banknote has surfaced: a $7 note with, wait for it...., a scratch-and-sniff feature with the smell of the wattle, the national scent of Australia. CSIRO, the inventors of polymer money, is neither confirming or denying that it designed a $7 banknote or that it is infused with wattle scent for security reasons.

I literally don't know where to begin... First of all, I'm pretty sure the wattle is the national flower of Australia and not the national scent. Second: are you kidding me?? A 7 dollar banknote with this design? I think the probability for this news to be true equals zero.

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