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  • Harriet Tubman returns for the 20-dollar banknote
    Remember the announcement by President Obama that anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman would be the next face on the 20-dollar banknote replacing President Andrew Jackson?
  • New Treasurer for the United States
    Coinweek reports: " On April 28, President Donald Trump appointed Jovita Carranza as the 44th Treasurer of the United States. She takes over the position most recently hel
  • The Evolution of the American One Dollar Bill
    This video was recently posted on YouTube: The Evolution of the American One Dollar Bill. Some real beauty's here! And I never realised that the very first dollar note fro
  • Yes, that actually happened...
  • An Illustrated History of American Money Design
    Gizmodo has a very nice article (with beautiful pictures): The Illustrated History of American Money Design . Definitely worth a look.
  • USA won't see visual aids on its notes until 2020
    Yes I know, sorry for the lame pun in the title. The subject of this post is actually a serious one. The US Government Accountability Office released a report Friday that
  • Women on US banknotes?
    US President Obama created somewhat of a stir last week when he answered in reply to a question from a young girl why there aren't any women on US banknotes that it would
  • United States - Educational Series
    A nice article on the so-called Educational Series from the 1890's. Some of the most beautiful banknotes the United States has ever had.
  • Zoom in
    As we all know banknotes can be true pieces of art. This becomes even more clear when you zoom in on all the details in the design of a note. And I mean, REALLY zoom in. T
  • USA - Military Payments Certificates 1969
    United States of America - 5/10/25/50 cents - 1969 - PM75/PM76/PM77/PM78 Military payment certificates, or MPC, was a form of currency used to pay U.S. military personnel
  • Most expensive banknote ever breaks its own record
    The US 1890 Small Seal Grand Watermelon 1000 dollar note already held the record of most expensive banknote ever sold at an auction. But now this one of a kind note smashe
  • Janet Yellen confirmed as new Fed chairman
    Janet Yellen has been confirmed by the US Senate as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. From 1 February 2014 she will be the first woman who will hold this position.
  • New additions week 52 - 2013
    Just before the end of the year I received a new addition to my collection: a 1 dollar Silver Certificate from the United States (series 1935-E, P416D2e ).  Silver Certifi
  • USA issues special Year of the Horse notes
    The US Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) has once again released a special folder containing a one dollar banknote. To celebrate the Year of the Horse and honor the C
  • Kickstarter project: the 2 dollar bill documentary
    At Kickstarter a new project is trying to gather funds: a documentary about the US 2 dollar banknote . As a European I never realize this but apparently this banknote is q
  • Was the new $100 note designed in Word?
    LOL, discover how President Obama designed the new 100 dollar banknote... in Word! (after the click)
  • Collecting $1 notes
    There are countless subjects within the field of collecting banknotes which you can specialize in: one from each country, a specific country, birds, polymer, etc. etc. Coi
  • USA issues new 100 dollar
    The USA have finally issued the new version of one of the most used banknotes in the world: the 100 dollar note. There were several problems in the production process but
  • US government has to burn $3 billion in faulty banknotes
    The problems with the new US 100 dollar bill aren't over yet. Some of the new notes have had too much ink in the printing process resulting in blurred images. Because thes
  • Jack Lew's official new signature
    Remember Jack Lew, the current Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and his funny signature ? I already wrote about his new signature in May , but now the Treasu
  • Paper Money of the United States - 20th edition
    Arthur L. Friedberg & Ira S. Friedberg have just issued the 20th edition of Paper Money of the United States catalog. The catalog was first published 60 years ago in 1953.
  • Jack Lew has a new signature
    Remember Jack Lew ? President Obama named him to be the new US Secretary of the Treasury, all people could talk about for days was his funny signature. It consists of a nu
  • USA releases issue date for new 100 dollar
    The US Federal Reserve Board has officially announced that the newly designed 100 dollar note will be issued on 8 October 2013. The new note will have several new security
  • Problems for the new US $100 banknote
    Wired reports about the problems facing the new US 100 dollar banknote and specifically the various new security features which provide all kinds of problems in production
  • "How the Civil War United Our Money"
    The Civil War changed the country more than any other event in U.S. history, and its echoes are very much with us yet in many aspects of American life. Even the paper mone
  • Jack Lew's signature
    A rather funny story in New York Magazine about Jack Lew . In particular his signature. You might ask: what does it matter what the signature of the current chief of staff
  • 150th Anniversary Currency Set
    I just saw this great numismatic product mentioned at banknotenews . It's a special currency set commemorating the 150th anniversary of the United States Bureau of Engravi
  • Dollars with high denominations
    While many people today believe that the U.S. $100 note is the highest denomination, in reality there are 5 notes with higher values: €500, $1000, $5000, $10.000 and $100.

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