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  • New Treasurer for the United States
    Coinweek reports: " On April 28, President Donald Trump appointed Jovita Carranza as the 44th Treasurer of the United States. She takes over the position most recently hel
  • The Evolution of the American One Dollar Bill
    This video was recently posted on YouTube: The Evolution of the American One Dollar Bill. Some real beauty's here! And I never realised that the very first dollar note fro
  • Yes, that actually happened...
  • Critique on plans for the US dollar redesign
    Edward Rothstein, a critic working for The Wall Street Journal, has written a very interesting opinion piece on the proposed redesign of the US dollar notes. If you recall
  • US banknotes will get lots of new faces
    Just coming back from a vacation in the USA I was once again confronted with perhaps the most well known banknotes in the world but also some of the most boring in terms o
  • An Illustrated History of American Money Design
    Gizmodo has a very nice article (with beautiful pictures): The Illustrated History of American Money Design . Definitely worth a look.
  • Women on currency notes in the United States
    There is quite a discussion going on right now in the USA about the design of the US dollars. In particular the lack of women on the notes. I already wrote about this issu
  • Women on US banknotes?
    US President Obama created somewhat of a stir last week when he answered in reply to a question from a young girl why there aren't any women on US banknotes that it would
  • United States - Educational Series
    A nice article on the so-called Educational Series from the 1890's. Some of the most beautiful banknotes the United States has ever had.
  • Zoom in
    As we all know banknotes can be true pieces of art. This becomes even more clear when you zoom in on all the details in the design of a note. And I mean, REALLY zoom in. T
  • Designing the dollars of the future
    Here's a nice article and profile of Dan Humphrey, one of the many people working at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing . He works on redesigning the US dollars and desc
  • Janet Yellen confirmed as new Fed chairman
    Janet Yellen has been confirmed by the US Senate as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. From 1 February 2014 she will be the first woman who will hold this position.
  • Kickstarter project: the 2 dollar bill documentary
    At Kickstarter a new project is trying to gather funds: a documentary about the US 2 dollar banknote . As a European I never realize this but apparently this banknote is q
  • Collecting $1 notes
    There are countless subjects within the field of collecting banknotes which you can specialize in: one from each country, a specific country, birds, polymer, etc. etc. Coi
  • Problems for the new US $100 banknote
    Wired reports about the problems facing the new US 100 dollar banknote and specifically the various new security features which provide all kinds of problems in production
  • Jack Lew's signature
    A rather funny story in New York Magazine about Jack Lew . In particular his signature. You might ask: what does it matter what the signature of the current chief of staff
  • Dollars with high denominations
    While many people today believe that the U.S. $100 note is the highest denomination, in reality there are 5 notes with higher values: €500, $1000, $5000, $10.000 and $100.
  • Hong Kong, 10 Dollar
    Hij stond al een tijdje op mijn verlanglijstje vanwege het mooie design maar door een collega heb ik hem nu binnen: de 10 Dollar uit Hong Kong (pick 400b). Volgende keer h

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