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  • Scottish banks issue new 20-pounds notes
    The three Scottish note issuing banks have each issued their version of new 20-pound banknote. The  Royal Bank of Scotland  has issued the first 20-pound Scottish banknote
  • Australia announces new 100-dollar banknote
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  will issue a redesigned 100-dollar note in the second half of 2020.  As with the existing banknote, the new 100-dollar note features Sir Jo
  • Trinidad and Tobago present new polymer series
    The  Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago   introduced a new 100-dollar note on 9 December 2019. This was the first note of the new polymer series. On 21 February 2020 the
  • Bank of England issues new 20-pound note
    The  Bank of England  has issues its new 20-pound banknote with an image of painter  Joseph Mallord William Turner  (1775-1851). The Turner note is printed on polymer. The
  • Angola announces new family of banknotes for 2020
    The  Banco Nacional de Angola  (BNA) has announced that a new family of banknotes will be introduced in 2020. The face of the first president of Angola, Agostinho Neto , w
  • Trinidad and Tobago issues polymer 100-dollar note
    The  Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago  has issued a new polymer 100-dollar banknote on 9 December 2019. " The Central Bank intends to expand the range of polymer notes
  • Bank of Scotland reveals two versions of 20-pound note
    The Bank of Scotland has unveiled two versions of its new 20-pound note. The regular version has the familiar image of Sir Walter Scott on the front and the red Forth Brid
  • Bank of England unveils design of new 20-pound note
    The  Bank of England  has unveiled what the new 20-pound note will look like with a press release on 10 October 2019. The new note has painter J.M.W. Turner as its subject
  • Albania presents new series
    The  Banka e Shqiperise  (Bank of Albania) has presented its new banknote series. The new notes look like the existing notes but with a refreshed design and of course upda
  • Ulster Bank reveals new 20-pound note
    The Ulster Bank from Northern Ireland has revealed what the design of the new 20-pound note will look like. After the introduction of the 5- and 10-pound notes earlier thi
  • Morocco announces commemorative 20-dirham note
    The central bank of Morocco,  Bank Al-Maghrib , has announced it will issue a commemorative 20-dirham note in September 2019. The note celebrates the enthronement of King
  • Eastern Caribbean Central Bank issues 50-dollar note
    From the press release by De la Rue : " The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has issued into circulation the $50 polymer banknote, the first of the new family designe
  • Nicaragua issues two polymer notes
    The  Banco Central de Nicaragua  has issued new banknotes of 500 and 1,000 córdobas on 8 July 2019. The new notes have been printed on polymer.  Its dimensions are 156 x 6
  • Albania schedules new banknote family for fall of 2019
    The  Banka e Shqiperise  (Bank of Albania) announced a new 10,000-leke banknote last year for a 2020-introduction. As it now turns out this issue will be part of a new fam
  • Eastern Caribbean Central Bank announces new series
    The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank  (ECCB) has announced a new polymer series of banknotes. The series starts with the new 50-dollar note which will be issued in June 2019
  • Solomon Islands announces new polymer 5-dollar note
    The  Central Bank of the Solomon Islands  has announced that the new polymer 5-dollar note will be issued on 2 May 2019 " in conjunction with the United Nations World Tuna
  • Australia announces new 20-dollar for October 2019
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has presented the new 20-dollar banknote which will be introduced in October 2019. From the press release: " As with the existing banknote,
  • Mujand releases new series: Evshlohogi
    We've come to the U-series already from fantasy banknote creator  Mujand . This time we visit the islands of Evshlohogi in the Blissdane Naive universe (other lands and st
  • Mauritius has issued updated note with 'Illuminate'
    The  Bank of Mauritius  has issued an improved version of its 2,000-rupees note, according to printer De la Rue, on 6 December 2018.  " The note is a reproduction of the c
  • Egypt announces its first polymer banknote for 2020
    The  Central Bank of Egypt  has announced its intention to start issuing polymer banknotes from 2020. The first polymer banknote will be a 10-pounds note, according to gdn
  • Two Northern Ireland banks announce polymer notes
    From the  BBC : " Two Northern Ireland banks have announced a switch to polymer £5 and £10 notes. The new Danske Bank and Bank of Ireland currency will enter circulation i
  • Bank of Britain: "think science" for new 50-pound note
    The  Bank of England  has announced that the face of the future polymer 50-pound note will be a scientist. As seems custom these days, the people of Britain have been aske
  • Royal Bank of Scotland reveals new 20-pound note
    The Royal Bank of Scotland has presented its new 20-pound note which will enter circulation in 2020. The new note  will be the first 20-pound Scottish banknote to feature
  • New additions week 42 - 2018
    A wonderful new package from Mujand.com! I'm very enthusiastic about the latest set of fantasy banknotes celebrating National Parks from all over the world. We've already
  • Australia issues new 50-dollar note
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued its new 50-dollar note on 18 October 2018. As with the previous banknote, the new 50-dollar features portraits of Aboriginal wri
  • Moldova contemplates new designs and polymer
    The  National Bank of Moldavia  has chosen a list of 17 designers who will compete for the designs of future regular and commemorative banknotes. At the same time there ar
  • Uruguay starts preparations for new polymer notes
    The  Banco Central del Uruguay  has started with the preparations for the introduction of two new polymer banknotes in 2020. The notes are: 20 and 50 pesos uruguayanos. Th
  • Eastern Caribbean Bank: new polymer banknote family
    The  Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has announced plans for the introduction of a new banknote series of the Eastern Caribbean dollar. This currency is used by the indepen
  • Mexico to announce a new 500-pesos note?
    The Banco de Mexico will announce a new banknote of 500 pesos on 27 August 2018, El Universal reports. The new note will probably be made of polymer and will probably have
  • Solomon Islands: new note and move to polymer
    The Governor of the  Central Bank of the Solomon Islands  Denton Rarawa has announced that a new 5-dollar note will be issued in the first quarter of 2019. The new note wi
  • Costa Rica goes polymer
    The  Banco Central de Costa Rica  has announced its decision to change all the current denominations currently printed on cotton paper to polymer substrate . T he bank’s d
  • Beautiful new notes from Mujand
    In 1642 Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to see the islands he named Staten Land which was renamed in 1645 to Nova Zeelandia after the Dutch province of Z
  • Russia issues FIFA World Cup commemorative note
    Russian banknote printer  Goznak   and the Bank of Russia have presented the commemorative banknote of 100 rubles for the FIFA World Cup 2018.  From the press release: " T
  • Macedonia issues its first polymer banknotes
    The  Narodne Banka na Republika Makedonia  (National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia) has issued two new banknotes of 10 and 50 denarii  on 15 May 2018. " These banknote
  • Macedonia announces two new polymer notes
    The  Narodne Banka na Republika Makedonia (National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia) will issue two new polymer notes of 10- and 50-denari from 15 May 2018. The current
  • Guatemala returns to cotton 5-quetzales banknotes
    The  Bank of Guatemala  is taking a reverse route when it comes to polymer notes compared to many other countries. Their current 5-quetzales note (introduced in 2008) is m
  • Canada unveils new 10-dollar note
    Last year the  Bank of Canada  chose  Viola Desmond  (1914-1965) as the face for the new 10-dollar banknote, the first note of a new series of banknotes.  On 8 March 2018,
  • Australia unveils new 50-dollar note
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has unveiled the design of the new 50-dollar banknote. As with the existing banknote, the new 50-dollar features portraits of Aboriginal wr
  • Botswana announces first polymer note for 2018
    The Bank of Botswana has announced on its Facebook page that from 1 February 2018 a new polymer 10-pula will be issued to the public. This will be the first polymer bankno
  • Vanuatu completes new series with 500-vatu note
    The  Reserve Bank of Vanuatu  (RBV) has introduced the last note of the new series. This 500-vatu note is printed on polymer just like the other notes in the new series. 
  • Brunei issues polymer commemorative 50-dollar note
    On 9 October the Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) issued a new commemorative banknote of 50 dollar. The polymer gold-colored note commemorates the 50th anniversa
  • Scotland's Clydesdale Bank issues new 10-pound note
    On 21 September 2017 the Scottish  Clydesdale Bank  issued its new 10-pound banknote which was announced in January 2016. The new note is made of polymer and features the
  • Australia issues new 10-dollar banknote
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued its new 10-dollars banknote today. The Governor, Philip Lowe, said at the time of the presentation of the design: "The $10 bankn
  • Maldives issue new 5-rufiyaa note
    On 10 August 2017 the  Maldives Monetary Authority  has issued the new polymer  5-rufiyaa note.  The new note  was designed by Abdulla Nashaath who also designed the curre
  • Vanuatu issues new 5,000-vatu note
    The  Reserve Bank of Vanuatu  (RBV) has issued its new 5,000-vatu note. This is the first of two new notes this year. At the end of this year we will also get a new 500-va
  • Bank of England presents new 10-pound note
    On 18 July 2017 the Bank of England has officially unveiled its new polymer 10-pound note featuring the image of writer Jane Austen (1775-1817) on the back. As it turns ou
  • Canada issues new commemorative note
    The  Bank of Canada  has issued its 10-dollar commemorative banknote on 1 June 2017. This spectacular new note is (of course) already nominated for Banknote of the Year 20
  • Bank of Scotland introduces new 10-pound note
    The Bank of Scotland has announced it will issue a new polymer 10-pound note in the Autumn of 2017. The new note has a portrait of the Scottish novelist and poet, Sir Walt
  • Uruguay announces commemorative 50-peso note
    The  Banco Central del Uruguay  has announced that a new polymer commemorative note of 50 peso will be issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Central Bank. A tota
  • Maldives present new 5-rufiyaa note
    The  Maldives Monetary Authority has presented its new 5-rufiyaa note which was announced recently . The new note was designed by Abdulla Nashaath who also designed the cu
  • Russia to issue its new notes in October 2017?
    The  Central Bank of Russia  anounced last year that new 200- and 2,000-ruble banknotes would be issued in 2017. The public  chose  the themes of Sevastopol and Kazan to b
  • Maldives to reintroduce 5-rufiyaa note
    The  Maldives Monetary Authority  introduced its beautiful new series in January 2016 without the 5-rufiyaa note which was going to be replaced by a coin. It now appears t
  • Canada reveals stunning commemorative note
    The  Bank of Canada  has revealed what their new commemorative 10-dollar banknote will look like. I expected an epic banknote and they absolutely delivered! The front of t
  • Canada set to unveil its new commemorative banknote
    The  Bank of Canada  has announced it will unveil the new commemorative banknote celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada at a special press confer
  • Australia presents design of new 10-dollars note
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued a press release presenting the design for the new 10-dollars banknote which will be issued in September 2017. The Governor, Phil
  • Gibraltar issues commemorative 100-pounds note
    Gibraltar has finally issued its polymer commemorative banknote honouring  Sir Joshua Hassan . The note had been announced for September 2016 but has only now been issued.
  • Russia will issue banknote for FIFA World Cup 2018
    Russian banknote printer Goznak has issued a statement announcing a commemorative banknote celebrating the World Cup Football which will be held in Russia in 2018. From th
  • Animal fat in polymer banknotes
    Well, there was a controversy I didn't expect! After a tweet was sent to the  Bank of England  asking if the new plastic pound notes  contain  tallow , the answer was a ra
  • Bank of Scotland issues new polymer 5-pound note
    On 4 October 2016 the Bank of Scotland has introduced  (pdf) a new polymer note of 5 pound. A little smaller than the existing 5-pound notes, the new notes will reuse the
  • A look inside the vaults of the Bank of England
    On Tuesday 13 September 2016 the new polymer 5-pound note will be issued to the British public at last. Because of that historic moment a very nice article has appeared on
  • Australia issues first banknote of new series
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued the first banknote of its new series of banknotes on 1 September 2016. Below is a video of the new 5-pound banknote 'in action'.
  • Gibraltar reveals new 100-pound commemorative note
    As previously announced Gibraltar will issue a commemorative 100-pound banknote honouring Sir Joshua Hassan  in September. The final design has now been revealed to the wo
  • Bank of England reveals new 5-pound note
    As announced earlier  the  Bank of England  has today revealed what the new 5-pound banknote will look like. The new note which will be issued from 13 September 2016 featu
  • New Zealand issues last three notes of Series 7
    The  The Reserve Bank of New Zealand  has issued the new 20-, 50- and 100-dollar notes to the public today. This means all of the new banknotes from Series 7 have now been
  • Innovia Group buys Australian secure ink maker
    Bloomberg reports that Innovia Group will buy Barroven, an Australian maker of secure inks. This move is seen as Innovia trying to secure the supply chain needed for makin
  • Australia reveals design of first new banknote
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued a press release with the design for the first new banknote of the new generation, the 5-dollar note. The new note will be issued
  • 'Churchill's banknote' to be revealed on 2 June 2016
    The  Bank of England  has announced that the design of the new 5-pound note featuring Winston Churchill will be revealed on 2 June 2016. The new note will enter circulatio
  • Mujand delivers new series... and more!
    If you've been reading this blog a while you'll know I'm a big fan of the fantasy notes by the Mujand Trading Company . Its creator and designer Celsus Solar has created a
  • Which of these three scientists will go on the 10-pound?
    The Royal Bank of Scotland  has narrowed its list of faces to put on the new polymer 10-pound note down to three scientists. According to this statement the two men and on
  • Scottish Clydesdale Bank shows new 10-pound note
    The Scottish  Clydesdale Bank  plans to  introduce  a new 10-pound note made of polymer featuring the image of poet Robert Burns. The back of the note show  views of Edinb
  • RBS asks the public to nominate Scots for the new £10
    The Royal Bank of Scotland is asking the public to choose a new face for its new 10-pound polymer banknote. More specifically the RBS is asking for a Scottish historical f
  • Maldives shows beautiful new banknote series
    And now for something really nice. The  Maldives Monetary Authority  has published the new designs of the new banknote series and boy are they nice! The six new notes whic
  • Nicaragua to issues new series of banknotes
    The Banco Central de Nicaragua has announced that from 26 October 2015 a new series of banknotes will be issued to the public. The denominations of 10-, 20-, 50-, 100- and
  • Bank of Scotland unveils first plastic banknote
    The Bank of Scotland has unveiled its first polymer note today. This is a special (very) limited edition of just 50 notes which will be put up for auction in December at S
  • The Poneet Islands set from Mujand Trading Company
    The  Mujand Trading Company  did it again: the F-series from the fictional Poneet Islands has been issued. The Poneet Islands of course are part of the planet Blissdane Na
  • Canada issues commemorative 20-dollar note
    The  Bank of Canada  has introduced a special 20-dollar banknote commemorating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen made history this week by beating the record of h
  • Royal Bank of Scotland chooses Safeguard
    The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced that the new 5- and 10-pound notes will be printed on the polymer substrate Durasafe Safeguard produced by De la Rue. [ Edit : tha
  • Future 20-pound note will also be polymer
    The  Bank of England  has announced that, after the 5 and 10-pound note, the future 20-pound note will also be printed on polymer.  " The polymer £5 note featuring Winston
  • Gibraltar to issue new 100-pound note in 2016
    Some news from Gibraltar is a nice opportunity to display their nice flag for the first time. Banknotenews reports that the tiny rock at the entrance of the Mediterranean
  • Lebanon issues commemorative 50,000-livre note
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  has announced on 22 July 2015 it will start circulating the new 50,000-livre polymer note commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Lebanese
  • The Maldives issue commemorative 5,000-rufiyaa note
    At the beginning of this year the  Maldives Monetary Authority   announced it was designing a commemorative note celebrating 50 years of independence. I guessed it would b
  • New additions week 26 - 2015
    Just recently I wrote about the limited edition 5-zilchy note from the Mujand Trading Company honouring the works of Edgar Allen Poe. This week I received the polymer beau
  • News from the Mujand Trading Company
    Exciting news from the Mujand Trading Company , the maker of one of the finest series of fantasy banknotes at this moment. A new limited edition polymer note is available
  • Bank of Scotland to issue two polymer notes
    According to this article on Daily Business the Bank of Scotland will issue two new polymer notes in the near future. The next 5- and 10-pound notes will be printed on pol
  • Lebanon to issue commemorative 50,000-livre note
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  has plans to issue a new 50,000-livre polymer note at the end of July,   banknotenews.com  reports. The new note is to commemorate the 70th a
  • Papua New Guinea issues two commemorative notes
    The  Bank of Papua New Guinea  has announced on 21 May 2015 that new 10- and 20-kina notes have been issued. Both notes are commemorative banknotes and have been resized f
  • Canada to issue commemorative banknote in fall 2015
    It's been a while but finally we have some news from Canada again. The Bank of Canada has announced that it will issue a new commemrative polymer banknote this year in com
  • Maldives' new banknotes to be printed on Safeguard
    The  Maldives Monetary Authority  announced a new commemorative banknote early this year . The new note would be issued at the end of July. My prediction was 26 July becau
  • Britain sees its first polymer banknote
    According to several newssites the first polymer note has been introduced in Britain. The 5-pound note from the Clydesdale Bank has been introduced in Scotland and feature
  • Mujand Trading Company issues 5th fantasy set
    One of the most interesting fantasy banknote series is the one from the Mujand Trading Company . Previous posts about their sets can be read here , here  and here . What I
  • Maldives announce new series and new denomination
    Banknotenews mentions two articles dealing with new notes in the Maldives. The first article on  Sun.mv  states that the Maldives Monetary Authority will replace the 5-ruf
  • Gambia to issue new commemorative note and new series
    It was already announced in November 2014 and was expected to be issued before the end of the year, but it seems that the new commemorative 20-dalasi note will finally be
  • 'Concerns' over new 50 dollar note
    Just a few days ago the new polymer 50 dollar banknote was introduced in Trinidad and Tobago and already concerns  have been issued . Or 'concerns' as I should rather put
  • Cape Verde issues first notes of the new series
    As expected the  Central Bank of Cape Verde  has issued the first notes in the new series. The 200, 1,000 and 2,000 escudos notes have been issued on 23 December 2014. The
  • Trinidad and Tobago issue new 50 dollar note
    The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has unveiled and issued the new 50 dollar commemorative note. The new note is made of polymer and gold in colour. The note shows th
  • Trinidad and Tobago about to introduce new $50 note
    As announced on 29 October 2014 the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago is introducing a redesigned 50 dollar note on 13 December. The new note is made of polymer and comm
  • Mauritania issues polymer 1,000 ouguiya note
    The  Banque Central de Mauritanie  has issued a new 1,000 ouguiya banknote printed by Innovia . The annoucement was made by Innovia themselves. The new note is printed on
  • New Zealand announces new series of banknotes
    As announced the The Reserve Bank of New Zealand  has announced the new series of banknotes for New Zealand yesterday. The new series is called " Brighter Money " and has
  • Trinidad and Tobago announces new polymer banknote
    The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago is introducing a redesigned $50 note on 15 December 2014. This is the first polymer note in Trinidad and Tobago and will be gold in
  • De la Rue to print the UK's polymer pounds
    As expected the  Bank of England  (BoE) has announced that banknote printer De la Rue is the "preferred bidder" for the new polymer 5 and 10 pound notes, which basically m
  • Is India finally introducing polymer notes?
    After years of deliberation and rumours it seems the Reserve Bank of India  is finally ready to introduce its first polymer banknotes. The first issue will be in 5 cities
  • Canada renames the mountains on its 10 dollar note
    It has been quiet for some time in the world of Canadian banknotes. After a series of problems, complaints and mistakes (examples: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ) things s
  • Poland to issue new polymer commemorative banknote
    Last year the National Bank of Poland (NBP, Narodowi Bank Polski ) announced that a commemorative note would be issued in August 2014 commemorating the 100th anniversary o
  • Poland to issue new commemorative banknote in 2015
    The Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland) has announced (point 9) that a commemorative banknote will be issued in August 2015 in commemoration of the 600th birthd
  • First new notes from Vanuatu
    Recently I wrote about the new banknotes Vanuatu introduced as part of its new polymer series. I couldn’t find pictures of the notes back then but banknotenews.com has fou
  • New Zealand to issue new banknote series in 2015
    According to this article on Bloomberg the  Reserve Bank of New Zealand  plans to issue a new series of banknotes in 2015. This 7th series was due to be issued in 2014 but
  • Russia not planning to introduce polymer banknotes
    General Director Arkady Trachuk of Goznak (the Russian banknote printer) has stated in an interview that Russia won't be introducing polymer banknotes in Russia. " In the
  • Vanuatu introduces new polymer series
    The Central Bank of the island state of Vanuatu has introduced three new banknotes for a new polymer series according to this article in the local Daily Post. The switch t
  • First British polymer banknote... from Scotland
    From the BBC : " The first plastic banknotes in Great Britain will be in use next year when two million £5 notes are issued by Clydesdale Bank branches. The bank is author
  • Kuwait to issue polymer banknotes
    The Central Bank of Kuwait will start issuing polymer banknotes from 29 June 2014. This day marks the beginning of the Ramadan. The first shipment of the new banknotes whi
  • Lebanon issues new polymer commemorative note
    The  Central Bank of Lebanon  has issued a new commemorative note of 50,000 Lebanese pounds according to a press release by the printer, De la Rue : The Banque du Liban is
  • Australia's Next Generation Banknote Project
    The Reserve Bank of Australia has published a paper on the  Next Generation Banknote Project  (PDF). This project aims to enhance the security of future banknotes from the
  • Bank of England signs contract with Innovia
    What was already expected , has now been confirmed : the Bank of England  has signed a contract with polymer producer Innovia to produce the sheets of plastic needed for t
  • Polymer notes succesful in thwarting counterfeiters
    One of the prime reasons for a central bank to introduce polymer banknotes is the added security 'plastic' money provides. But is this really true? Counterfeit polymer not
  • ECB: no plastic banknotes, more fakes
    Besides presenting the new 10 euro note, the ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch also had other news on the euro. Most important for us collectors is the confirmation t
  • Will fake notes in Hong Kong lead to more polymer?
    Recently there has been a rise in the amount of fake notes in Hong Kong. Specifically the higher denominations are counterfeited. This article explores the possible conseq
  • Jersey not changing its banknotes to polymer
    Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf of the island of Jersey has announced that the British Crown dependency will not follow the United Kingdom when they change to polymer bankn
  • Bhutan switches to hybrid notes
    Interesting news from the small kingdom Bhutan: the low denominations of 1 and 10 ngultrum will no longer be printed by De la Rue on paper but by printer Giesecke and Devr
  • Bank of England will change to polymer banknotes
    Not really a surprise but the Bank of England  (BoE) has decided that the new £5 and £10 will be printed on polymer. About  three months ago , the BoE has taken sample £5
  • Nigeria cancels production of polymer notes (update)
    Article from 23 April 2013: The Central Bank of Nigeria has announced it will stop the production of polymer notes and will return to paper banknotes. The main reason for
  • Guatemala replaces 1 quetzal note with coin
    According to this news report ( google translate ) from 4 November 2013 the Bank of Guatemala  has issued a new version of its 1 quetzal note with issue date 23 November 2
  • Honduras updates design with help for blind people
    The Central Bank of Honduras has updated  ( google translate ) the design of its lempiras banknotes with braille and raised bars in order to help the blind identify the di
  • Canada completes its polymer series (UPDATE!)
    With the issuing of the new 5 and 10 dollars notes today the Bank of Canada has completed its beautiful new polymer series . The new notes were announced  earlier this yea
  • Bank of England explores polymer banknotes
    The Bank of England is to hold a public consultation on the introduction of polymer banknotes in England. This introduction could already take place in 2016 with the new 5
  • Mauritius issues first polymer banknotes
    On 22 August 2013 the Bank of Mauritius has issued its first polymer banknotes in denominations of 25, 50 and 500 rupees as was announced in May of this year. The new note
  • Mexico issues revised 50 peso note
    The Banco de Mexico has introduced a revised banknote of 50 peso on 6 May 2013, which includes new security measures and some new design elements.  The image of  Jose Mari
  • Canada presents new 5 and 10 dollar
    The Bank of Canada  unveiled the design for the new 5 and 10 dollar banknotes yesterday 30 April 2013. Like the rest of the series they're made of polymer. Below are the d
  • Canada unveils new 5 and 10 dollar on 30 April 2013
    The Bank of Canada   will unveil  the last two banknotes of the new series, the 5 and 10 dollar, on 30 April 2013. This was already known but now there is more news regard
  • Nigeria cancels production of polymer notes
    The Central Bank of Nigeria has announced it will stop the production of polymer notes and will return to paper banknotes. The main reason for this step is the fading of t
  • New banknotes for Fiji issued (update)
    As announced in this previous post , Fiji has issued its new banknotes yesterday 2 January 2013. The colourful notes have all been issued except for the 5 dollar banknote.
  • New polymer banknote for Paraguay
    Banknotenews reports that Paraguay is going to issue a new 5000 guarani note made from polymer. This will be the first polymer note for Paraguay.  According to  this post
  • Canada's polymer money still under fire
    What is the deal with Canada's polymer money? For some reason it keeps on getting bad press and nasty comments by angry users. Some of the recent articles I wrote or gathe
  • New 25 dirham for Morocco issued
    The  central bank of Morocco has issued the new 25 dirham. According to this press release  posted on 28 December 2012 (in french, or in the english translation by Google)
  • New banknotes for Fiji issued
    As announced in this previous post , Fiji has issued its new banknotes yesterday 2 January 2013. The colourful notes have all been issued except for the 5 Dollar banknote.
  • Do Canadian polymer banknotes melt?
    That's the question Canadians are asking when reports surfaced last summer of banknotes which had melted because of exposure to heat. The notes in question were of course
  • First banknote printed on Durasafe
    With the issuance of the new Moroccan 25 Dirhams scheduled for this month, Bank al Maghrib , Morocco's central bank, will become the first in the world to issue a banknote
  • Polymer pounds?
    I already wrote about the tender which the Bank of England issued for the printing of the British banknotes from 2015 to 2029. Part of the new tender is a demand that the
  • New additions week 48 - 2012 (2)
    Yesterday a colleague returned from Hong Kong bringing the polymer 10 Dollar ( P401b ) with her. It's the first polymer banknote from Hong Kong and was introduced in 2007
  • More short news from India
    First is the ten Rupees banknote from India. The Reserve Bank of India has announced that these will be gradually replaced by coins. The average life span of the 10 Rupees
  • How do they do it: polymer money
  • The life of a bank note
    Van de Bank of Canada zijn een aantal aardige filmpjes te zien waarin het hele proces beschreven wordt hoe bankbiljetten worden gemaakt, specifiek het nieuwe 100 dollar-bi
  • Eindelijk mijn favoriete bankbiljet in bezit
    Naast dat ik uit elk land minimaal één biljet wil hebben, verzamel ik ook specifiek papiergeld dat ik erg mooi vind. Met name tropische, caribische en pacifische eilanden
  • Hong Kong, 10 Dollar
    Hij stond al een tijdje op mijn verlanglijstje vanwege het mooie design maar door een collega heb ik hem nu binnen: de 10 Dollar uit Hong Kong (pick 400b). Volgende keer h

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