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  • India announces new 100-rupees note
    The  Reserve Bank of India  has announced that a new 100-rupees note will soon be issued. The new note shows the familiar portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the front with the
  • India sets date for new 200-rupees note
    The  Reserve Bank of India  has confirmed that a new 200-rupees note will be issued from 25 August 2017. There were already rumours circulating about the new note but ther
  • India ready to issue new 50-rupees note
    The  Reserve Bank of India  has announced that a new 50-rupees note is on the way. We can see the usual face of Gandhi on the front and the note is fluorescent blue. The s
  • India to issue new 200-rupees note soon
    The  Reserve Bank of India  will soon issue a new 200-rupees note according to the Financial Express . A printing order has supposedly been placed.  This printing of this
  • India - 2,000 rupees
    India - 2,000 rupees - 2016 - PNL The front of the note shows the familiar face of Mahatma Ghandi. The back shows the Mars Orbital Mission (or Mangalyaan) space probe laun
  • Something old, something new from India
    Rather surprisingly the  Reserve Bank of India  has demonetized the current 500- and 1,000-rupees banknotes on 9 November 2016 in an effort to attack the black market and
  • India to issue a 2,000-rupees note soon?
    The  Reserve Bank of India  is supposedly ready to issue banknotes of 2,000 rupees, the International Business Times reports. This would top the current highest denominati
  • New banknote series in India?
    The  Reserve Bank of India has indicated that a new set of banknotes will be issued in the future. The new currency notes might get a new look. No word yet on the design o
  • India issues 500- and 1,000-rupees with new design
    The  Reserve Bank of India  has issued two slightly redesigned banknotes of 500 and 1,000 rupees. Special features to aid visually impaired people have been added to the e
  • India will print the 1 rupee once more
    The Government of India has announced that for the first time in 20 years the 1 rupee note will be printed again. The note was discontinued in 1994 because of high costs.
  • Is India finally introducing polymer notes?
    After years of deliberation and rumours it seems the Reserve Bank of India  is finally ready to introduce its first polymer banknotes. The first issue will be in 5 cities
  • India: no one else but Ghandi on our banknotes
    Reserve Bank of India's  Governor Raghuram Rajan today said that nobody but Mahatma Gandhi should feature on the currency notes. " There are so many great Indians, but of
  • India announces 1,000 rupees note with R inset letter
    The Reserve Bank of India has released the following press release  to announce new 1,000 rupees banknotes incorporating the rupee symbol, with 'R' inset letter, in the Ma
  • India extends deadline for pre-2005 banknotes
    Just recently the Reserve Bank of India  (RBI)  announced that all pre-2005 banknotes would be withdrawn from 31 March 2015. Now the Bank has announced that it will extend
  • India to withdraw all pre-2005 banknotes
    The Reserve Bank of India has published a press release stating that all banknotes issued prior to 2005 (that's everything up to P94 for us collectors) will be withdrawn f
  • India - 1000 rupees
    India - 1000 rupees - 2000 - P94 This banknote from 2000 shows images representing India's growing economical power. One of those images is a satellite, showing India's st
  • India - 2 rupees
    India - 2 rupees - 1976-1997 - P79 The back of this Indian 2 rupees note from 1976 shows the Aryabhata satellite . It was India's first satellite and it was launched by th
  • India to issue updated rupees notes
    The Reserve Bank of India has released the following press releases to announce a new set of notes: -  10 rupees, 2013. With L inset letter -  10 rupees, 2013. With R inse
  • India to issue updated 10 rupees
    The Reserve Bank of India will shortly issue ( press release ) a new 10 rupees note incorporating the rupee symbol on the obverse and reverse, without inset letter in both
  • More short news from India
    First is the ten Rupees banknote from India. The Reserve Bank of India has announced that these will be gradually replaced by coins. The average life span of the 10 Rupees
  • Short news
    Short news from India: The Reserve Bank of India will shortly issue `10 denomination Banknotes with Rupee Symbol (`) on the obverse and the reverse, inset letter ‘A’ in bo
  • India
    5 Rupees - P88Ab

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