Malawi plans introduction of 5,000-kwacha note

The Reserve Bank of Malawi is planning to issue a new banknote of 5,000-kwacha. The current highest denomination in Malawi is the 2,000-kwacha note introduced about a year ago. However, this note has lost a lot of value making it necessary for the citizens of Malawi to carry a lot of banknotes with them.

Time will tell if the 5,000-kwacha will be the last new denomination or if perhaps a future 10,000-kwacha note will also be necessary.

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Transnistria commemorates the Russian revolution

Recently I fantasized what the new Russian banknotes would have looked like had the Soviet Union not collapsed. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution and you bet those old Commies would have marked that occassion with a nice commemorative banknote. Sadly, or luckily depending on your political orientation, the Soviet Union has ceased to exist so no commemorative banknotes from Russia this year celebrating Lenin & friends.

But does that mean that this historical event isn't remembered at all for us notaphilists? No. Leave it up to the Transnistrian Republican Bank to remember, remember the 7th of November. Or 25 October according to the old Julian calendar. Their flag kind of gave it away right?

The tiny break-away state which is formally a part of Moldova and isn't recognized by any official UN-member state, has issued two new commemorative notes of 1- and 5-ruble celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution. No more that 5,000 pieces of each denomination will be issued. A total of 2,983 pieces of each denomination were issued into circulation. 2,017 pieces of each denomination are packaged in booklets (two banknotes in a set) and sold as a numismatic product.

The two new banknotes have a similar size and design as the banknotes which were issued in 2012. There is however a special marking on the right side of the banknote showing the Order of the October Revolution with the inscriptions: "100 YEARS" at the top and "OCTOBER REVOLUTION" (both in Russian of course) at the bottom.

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Venezuela announes new 100,000-bolivares note

Dictator President Maduro has announced that the Central Bank of Venezuela will issue a new note of 100,000-bolivares to the public. Its worth is very low since the country (which potentially could be the richest country in South America) is struck by financial, political and economical chaos and hyperinflation. Like everything else in Venezuela, they seem to have f***ed up this banknote as well... 

The design of the 'new' banknote is very similar to the 'old' 100-bolivares note apart from the color. The same image of Simon Bolivar and the birds on the back has been used. The number on the note is also a simple 100 but the real value can be read beneath the number. I'm sure that won't cause any confusion...

New 100,000-bolivares:

Old 100-bolivares:

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ECCB orders new 50-dollar banknote

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has decided that a new 50-dollar banknote will be introduced honoring its late Governor Sir K. Dwight Venner. His image will be displayed as a permanent tribute to his legacy.

"The late Honourable Sir K Dwight Venner, former Governor of the ECCB, served the ECCB member countries and the wider Caribbean with distinction over a 26-year period. As a lasting tribute to his sterling contribution, the ECCB engaged the services of De La Rue, the authorised printer of its circulation banknotes, to prepare design concepts for a new $50 note bearing the image of Sir Dwight, in addition to the standard security features of the existing banknotes."

A date of issue hasn't been mentioned yet. 

The ECCB is the Central Bank for Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Anguilla. 

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Vanuatu completes new series with 500-vatu note

The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (RBV) has introduced the last note of the new series. This 500-vatu note is printed on polymer just like the other notes in the new series. 

From the press release: "Like the new VT5000 banknote released earlier in July, the new VT500 note will also incorporate an effective tactile feature to assist visually impaired people. The new banknote incorporates the theme of 'culture' and features the frontage of the original 'Nakamal blong ol Jifs', and other cultural activities such as sand drawing and traditional dancing. In continuation with existing practice of replaced paper notes, the new banknote will co-circulate the existing VT500 paper note as legal tenders. RBV will continue to withdraw all the replaced paper notes from public circulation until such time when the Bank decides to demonetize them."

Vanuatu’s banknotes are made by Note Printing Australia Limited, a subsidiary of the Reserve bank of Australia.

Update 8-11-2017: better pictures (source). They look pretty nice right?

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