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  • ECB to reveal two new banknotes next month
    The European Central Bank will officially unveil the design of the new 100- and 200-euro banknotes on 17 September 2018, according to Le Vif . The two notes will be issued
  • Hungary announces redesigned 500-forint note
    The  Central Bank of Hungary  is  replacing  all issued banknotes. The new banknotes will get an updated design, new security features and the printing process will be mad
  • Hungary to introduce redesigned 1,000-forint in 2018
    While going over some old news reports I realised that I forgot to post about the new 1,000-forint banknote the  Magyar Nemzeti Bank  (Central Bank of Hungary) has planned
  • Armenia presents concept design for new series
    More news from Armenia. The  Central Bank of Armenia  has released the concept design of the new series which will be issued from 22 November 2018, on the 25th anniversary
  • Why is the Queen's face so different around the world?
    This excellent question is answered in this video at the BBC site where former IBNS President Peter Symes is interviewed. As most collectors know, he has a website where a
  • Dutch banknote designer Ootje Oxenaar dead at 87
    Sad news this week when it was announced that the famous Dutch banknote designer Ootje Oxenaar passed away at the age of 87. Ootje Oxenaar studied visual arts at the Royal
  • Manuela Pfrunder on designing Swiss banknotes
    Designer of the new Swiss banknotes, Manuela Pfrunder, sheds some light on the difficult process of designing new banknotes for Switzerland. A fun read in German or transl
  • Norway reveals final design of new series
    One of the most eagerly awaited new series is one step closer to being issued to the public. The Norges Bank has announced the final design and issuing dates of the new No
  • Secrets of the new RBS banknotes
    I found two links to some really nice background articles on the design process of the two new RBS banknotes from Scotland on the IBNS forum. It provides a very entertaini
  • Critique on plans for the US dollar redesign
    Edward Rothstein, a critic working for The Wall Street Journal, has written a very interesting opinion piece on the proposed redesign of the US dollar notes. If you recall
  • Australia to issue new series from 1 September 2016
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  will issue the first note of its new series, the 5-dollar note, on 1 September 2016. This is National Wattle Day in Australia, where the wa
  • Norway shows new banknotes
    This week we've seen some excitement in the world of banknote collecting because the Norges Bank ' unveiled ' the design for the new banknotes. Yes, again. Because if I re
  • An Illustrated History of American Money Design
    Gizmodo has a very nice article (with beautiful pictures): The Illustrated History of American Money Design . Definitely worth a look.
  • Brixton (UK) issues new local 5-pound note
    More local currency news after the announcement of the Exeter pounds . The city of Brixton has has its share of experience with its own local currency for the past five ye
  • Oxenaar gave everyone the finger
    On the member forum of the IBNS website , I found a link to a great interview with Ootje Oxenaar, the designer of one of the most beautiful banknote series the Netherlands
  • Bank of England wants new face for 20-pound note
    The Bank of England has asked the public to nominate who they would like to feature on the back of the future £20 note. This new banknote will be issued in 3-5 years, prob
  • Hungarian artist designs beautiful concept money
    If you give an artist total freedom in designing new money, you can end up with the most beautiful concepts. Take for example this work by the artist Barbara Bernát who ha
  • 'Concerns' over new 50 dollar note
    Just a few days ago the new polymer 50 dollar banknote was introduced in Trinidad and Tobago and already concerns  have been issued . Or 'concerns' as I should rather put
  • Canadians propose their ideas for future banknotes
    The Bank of Canada  has published the results from the public consultation into its banknote design principles. The public was asked in October of this year to participate
  • Canada invites citizens to participate in design process
    The Bank of Canada has announced that Canadian citizens are invited to participate in the design of future banknote series. From the website : " The Bank of Canada today a
  • USA won't see visual aids on its notes until 2020
    Yes I know, sorry for the lame pun in the title. The subject of this post is actually a serious one. The US Government Accountability Office released a report Friday that
  • Canada renames the mountains on its 10 dollar note
    It has been quiet for some time in the world of Canadian banknotes. After a series of problems, complaints and mistakes (examples: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ) things s
  • Dirty Money! (NSFW-ish... to some people)
    Yes, we all had a jolly good laugh with the announcement from the Russian MP Roman Khudyakov that the Russian 100 ruble note should be altered because Apollo's penis is vi
  • Malawi announces new note and revises current series
    The Reserve Bank of Malawi  (RBM) has announced new and revised banknotes. The new banknote will be a special issue of 1000 kwacha in commemoration of the country’s 50 yea
  • Interview with De la Rue's Malcolm Knight
    Check out this interview with Malcolm Knight, a  former research and development director and now consultant at  De La Rue . In it he talks about banknotes, design, De la
  • England revises selection of characters on banknotes
    From the website of the Bank of England regarding the future choice of characters on new banknotes: On 24 July 2013, the Bank of England announced that it would review the
  • Norway announces theme for new banknote series
    On 4 December 2012 Norway announced that the process of developing a new banknote series had officially started.  The first step for the Norges Bank  was to choose a theme
  • Honduras updates design with help for blind people
    The Central Bank of Honduras has updated  ( google translate ) the design of its lempiras banknotes with braille and raised bars in order to help the blind identify the di
  • Canada completes its polymer series (UPDATE!)
    With the issuing of the new 5 and 10 dollars notes today the Bank of Canada has completed its beautiful new polymer series . The new notes were announced  earlier this yea
  • Russian snowboarder appears to be from a stockphoto
    Yesterday the Russian Central Bank officially presented the commemorative banknote of 100 rubles commemorating the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. The front of the note
  • Canada presents new 5 and 10 dollar
    The Bank of Canada  unveiled the design for the new 5 and 10 dollar banknotes yesterday 30 April 2013. Like the rest of the series they're made of polymer. Below are the d
  • Chinese woman discovers herself on banknote
    This is a story about Liang Jun, a Chinese woman of 82, who just found out she is the girl depicted on the 1 Yuan note from 1960 (P874a).
  • Design of new banknote Iceland is finished
    From the News of Iceland : "The development and design of a new Iceland bank note or bill, is finished. The 10 thousand ISK bill will be initiated this year, probably this
  • The road not taken
    Say what you want about the Canadians but they do know how to keep their banknotes in the news. After the flood of bad press recently, this time the news is a bit lighter.
  • Wrong maple leaf on Canada's 20 dollar?
    A few days ago I wrote about the Canadian polymer banknotes which faced with all kinds of criticism and complaints. From serious ones to the more ludicrous . The list seem
  • Banknote of the Year update
    The 200 Rand I nominated for Banknote fo the Year 2012 is now featured on the IBNS website ! You can still nominate your own favourite until 31 January 2013.
  • Samoa: new type 100 Tala
    Samoa has issued a new type of their 100 Tala note. The image is more are less the same as the old note but this one has new signatures ( Faumuina Tiatia Faaolatane Liuga
  • New 5 euro presented
    All has been revealed!   Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), today unveiled the Europa series €5 banknote. The unveiling was the highlight of the o
  • What will the new 5 euro look like?
    That question will be answered next week when on 10 January 2013 the ECB will unveil the design of the new 5 euro banknote. Don't expect to many changes though. As the ECB
  • Revised 50 Dollar for Bermuda
    Do you sometimes have that feeling that you've made something really pretty like a painting of your dog and after it's done, somebody comes along and mentions that you've
  • New face for Britains 10 Pound
    The Bank of England has released a list of 150 names put forward by the public with famous Britons to be considered for the new 10 Pound banknote. This note currently has
  • New banknotes for Fiji presented
    Today Fiji announced the design for the new banknotes. Queen Elizabeth II has indeed been removed but not replaced by dictators or other people as some feared , but by bir
  • New banknotes for Fiji announced
    The Reserve Bank of Fiji has today announced that a new series of banknotes and coins with new obverse designs will be officially unveiled by the president of Fiji, Ratu E

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