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  • Armenia issues first notes of new series
    The  Central Bank of Armenia  has issued   the first three notes of of the new series on 22 November 2018, on the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the national curr
  • Armenia presents concept design for new series
    More news from Armenia. The  Central Bank of Armenia  has released the concept design of the new series which will be issued from 22 November 2018, on the 25th anniversary
  • Armenia issues commemorative 500-dram note
    The Central Bank of Armenia has introduced a new commemorative banknote of 500-dram on 22 November 2017. The note commemorates the Ark of Noah which according to the Bible
  • Armenia - 100 dram
    Armenia - 100 dram - 1998 - P42 On the front of the note we see Armenian astrophysicist Victor Hambartsumyan and a map of the solar system. The back shows the Byurakan Ast

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