Lebanon issues new 10,000 livres note

The Central Bank of Lebanon has issued a new 10,000 livres banknote on 25 September 2013. The front shows geometric shapes and the back a statue in Martyrs’ Square, Beirut. The colours really stand out with bright yellow, orange and green.

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Rwanda issues new 500 francs note

In May of this year Rwanda announced it would issue a new and improved 500 francs banknote. According to the press release of 20 September by the Central Bank it has done just that. The date of issue on the note is 1-1-2013. Other features are the new colour (blue instead of the old green), three cows on the front and four young students with computers on the back. The latter probably being a reference to the One Laptop Per Child project which has proven to be successful in Rwanda.

The new banknote will be used along with the old ones in circulation.

"Picture from banknotenews.com"

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Poland presents banknotes with new security features

In April of this year Poland announced it would issue updated banknotes in 2014. The new banknotes will have (translation) updated security features and will be clearly distinguishable from the current series (even though the rest of the design elements will remain the same). Only the banknotes with denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100 zlotych will be updated. The 200 zlotych note will remain the same for the time being. The new series (translation) will be issued in April 2014.

10 zlotych

20 zlotych

50 zlotych

100 zlotych

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Iceland presents new 10,000 krona (updated)

We already knew who and what would be on the new banknote of 10,000 krona from Iceland, but today it will be (translation) officially presented by the Central Bank. Jónas Hallgrímsson (1807-1845), natural scientist and poet will appear on the front of the note as well as the Eurasian golden plover on the back. Jonas Hallgrimsson was interested in the plover and mentioned her in some of his poems.

Graphic designer and artist Kristín Þorkelsdóttir developed the new banknote. It will be unveiled on the website of the Central Bank at 16:00 local time today.

Picture from banknotenews.com
Picture from banknotenews.com


The new note will be issued from 24 October 2013. The new security features (translation) and the new note itself (small picture):

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The ageing of Queen Elizabeth II as seen on banknotes

Queen Elizabeth II has been the queen of England for... ages it seems! And yes, most of the country (or for that matter the world) has never seen another monarch in Buckingham Palace. In 2014 Elizabeth will celebrate her 88th birthday and her 62nd as queen. She has also been on banknotes throughout the world for 79 years, first appearing as an 8-year old girl on a banknote from Canada. The site Mental_Floss has made a list of 15 "Elizabeth-banknotes" from all over the world which show her ageing through the years.

For a complete list of all 30 portraits used on various banknotes in the Commenwealth, I highly recommend this list compiled by PJ Symes.

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Groat, plack, thistle or pistole?

Next year, on 18 September 2014, Scotland will hold a referendum on the issue for independance from the Unitied Kingdom. One of the more intriguing questions (for collectors of banknotes at least) is what the currency of the new country will be if it chooses independance.

This article explores some of the options, looking back at the past (groat, plack, pistole), the present (Scottish Pound) or even the future (bitcoin).

My guess is they won't choose anything too fancy like the unicorn or the bitcoin so my money is on the Scottish pound.

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Venezuela denies plans for Chavez banknote

The Central Bank of Venezuela (Banco Central de Venezuela) has denied that it has plans to issue new 500 bolívares banknotes with the portrait of late president Hugo Chávez.

Since the current highest denomination of 100 bolívares is only worth about $2.40 and considering the hyperinflation in the country there is a clear call for banknotes with higher denominations. The director of the Central Bank Armando Leon told the media (translation) there are also no plans to introduce a 200 bolívar note soon.

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New additions week 36 - 2013

Last week I received two great new banknotes from Kuwait. They are both commemorative issues commemorating the liberation of the country in 1991 after the Gulf War. Both notes come in special folders with an envelope. 

PCS1 (front):

PCS2 (back):

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Nepal introduces new 100 rupee banknote

The Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bankintroduces a new 100 rupee banknote. The central bank said that the note has been already circulated in the market and it will be accessible during the Dashain festival in October. The new banknote will have a picture of the Ashoka Pillar, along with the message that Buddha was born in Lumbini on the front. This sparks a bit of controversy with neighboring country India since both countries claim to have the birthplace of Buddha within their borders. 

The note has a black dot on the front, which will help visibly disadvantaged to recognize the note. The note also displays the portrait of Mayadevi, Buddha's mother in silver metallic on the front. The new note also will bear the name of the central bank in Latin script, and the date of printing in both Christian Era and Nepali Calendar, Bikram Sambat.

In the present notes, the name of the central bank is printed in Devanagari only, and they do not have the date of printing. The banknotes can only be dated by the tenure of the governor of the central bank whose signature appears on them.

Update 3-10-2013:

I've found a better image on banknotenblog.blogspot.de.

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Bank of England explores polymer banknotes

The Bank of England is to hold a public consultation on the introduction of polymer banknotes in England. This introduction could already take place in 2016 with the new 5 pound note featuring ChurchillConsultations will be held across the UK over the next two months and a final decision on the new notes will be announced in December of this year.

Below are examples of the protoypes of the new notes. Looking at this great design, I say: go for it! 

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Lebanon issues new 5000 livre note

Lebanon has apparently issued a new 5000 livre banknote. This news can't be found anywhere on the site of the Central Bank of Lebanon (Banque du Liban) at this moment but has been reported on several sites.

The pictures below are from banknotenews.com.

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Sexist banknotes?

Due to the turmoil surrounding the choice of Jane Austen for the next 10 pound banknote, the Mirror has investigated a number of countries and the presence of women on their banknotes. While it's a very arbitrary list, the results are that Australia with 6 women is the least sexist when it comes to their banknotes. Good to know, I guess?

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