Oberthur prints 10 bolivianos notes

The banknotes of 10 bolivianos of the series I are now printed by Oberthur Technologies instead of Canadian Bank Note Company.

Oberthur Technologies is a French secure technology company, providing digital security solutions for Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control. As of 2008, Oberthur's revenue was €882 million. Oberthur Technologies is the successor of the Oberthur printing which was founded in 1842 by the master printer and lithographer, François Charles Oberthur.


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Rwanda to print new 2,000 and 5,000 franc notes

The Cabinet of Rwanda had ordered the printing of new banknotes of 2,000 and 5,000 francs.

It is at the moment unclear if this means that a new design will be made, or the current design gets an update or just a new batch of the current series.

Update 5 December 2014: it seems that the new banknotes will have updated security features.

Update 6 January 2015: here are the pictures of the new banknotes as found on banknotenews.com:

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Macedonia unveils new 200 and 2000 denar banknotes

The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia has announced that two new denominations will be added to the current set. The National Bank held a competition for the design of the notes. From the press release:

"Leitmotif of the obverse of the conceptual, and art and graphic design of the 200 denar banknote is the relief with a presentation of the 41st Psalm of David from the Old Testament, which belongs to the infamous terracotta icons from Vinica, one of the most important early medieval archaeological discoveries on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. On the same side, in the left center field, there is a presentation of an early medieval bow bronze fibula from the beginning of the VII century, found near Prilep. The reverse of the banknote contains a presentation of an architectural and art element of the frontal facade of the "Colorful (Aladzha) Mosque" in Tetovo, one of the most attractive monuments of architecture and art from the Ottoman period in the Republic of Macedonia, complemented by floral elements taken from the decoration of the marble floor tiles of the famous "Isaac Mosque" in Bitola, built at the beginning of the XVI century.

Leitmotif of the obverse of the conceptual, and art and graphic design of the 2000 denar banknote is the presentation of Macedonian bridal costume from Prilep Field, as an impressive reflection of the richness of the folklore heritage of the Republic of Macedonia. On the same side, in the left center field, there is a presentation of a pendant in the form of a poppy head, which was discovered in Suva Reka, Gevgelia. It is an artifact dated to the VII century BC and belongs to the well-known group of Paionian-Macedonian bronzes. The reverse of the banknote contains a presentation of the decoration of the inside of a gilded vessel, which originates from the XVI century and whose central field shows two affronted peacocks near the "source of life" surrounded by lavish floral decoration."

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New Zealand announces new series of banknotes

As announced the The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has announced the new series of banknotes for New Zealand yesterday. The new series is called "Brighter Money" and has the same themes, colors, and sizes as the existing notes and will circulate in parallel. They are also made of polymer. The new notes will be released gradually. The target date for release of the 5 and 10 dollar notes is October 2015, with the 20, 50 and 100 notes likely to be released in April 2016.

Below are artistic renditions which have been released. The new notes could be slightly different from these. But let's be real: please keep them like this because they look beautiful! The notes will be printed by Canadian Bank Note Company.

5 dollar

10 dollar

20 dollar

50 dollar

100 dollar

Click for a video of the presentation.

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Gambia launches new commemorative note

The Republic of The Gambia will issue a new commemorative 20 dalasi banknote before the end of 2014. From the press release by De la Rue: "In order to commemorate 20 years of the President’s rule, the Central Bank of The Gambia is launching a new 20 Dalasi banknote. Designed and produced by De La Rue on Safeguard, this new polymer banknote is based on the existing paper 25 Dalasi but is a green rather than a blue note and bears a portrait of the President His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Abdul-Azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh. The image of the crocodile that was in the watermark of the 25D appears in the clear window on the polymer note. This is the first new note to be put into circulation in The Gambia for almost 20 years.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Amadou Colley, Governor of the Central Bank said “This new banknote has been produced on the latest polymer substrate and marks 20 years of progress and self reliance. Our long standing relationship with De La Rue has ensured a smooth and successful collaboration on this key project.”

Ruth Euling, Sales Director for De La Rue Currency stated “We are proud to have worked with The Central Bank of The Gambia since its inception and are delighted that they have joined the growing number of banks who have chosen Safeguard for their banknotes. The Gambia is the second country in Africa to issue notes on the Safeguard substrate with a third African country due to issue later this year."

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Cape Verde to issue new series of banknotes

Macauhub reports that Cape Verde will issue a new series of banknotes later this year. "A new issue of banknotes approved by the government of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) is expected to go into circulation later this year, according to pan-African news agency Panapress.

The issue consists of new notes of 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 escudos and honours Cape Verdean figures from the world of culture and politics, including deceased songstress Cesaria Evora and the first president of Cabo Verde, Aristides Pereira.

Announcing the decision to allow the central bank to issue new notes, the spokesman for the government and Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Demis Lobo said that the notes, which contain technological advances and “innovative” security features also replenish the amount of cash in circulation, which is considered low.

According to the ordinance, the new 200-escudo note honours the physician and Cape Verdean writer Henrique Teixeira de Sousa and his native island, Fogo.

The poet Jorge Barbosa, one of the founders of the Claridade literary movement, and his island, Santiago, will be honoured on the new 500-escudo note.

The new 1000 escudo notes has a picture of musician and composer Codé di Dona, whose real name was Gregório Vaz, one of the foremost exponents of funaná music.

Singer Cesaria Evora'smorna” music will be honoured on the 2,000 escudo note, while the first President of the Republic of Cabo Verde, Aristides Maria Pereira, as well as his native island, Boa Vista, will be on the 5,000 escudo note, the highest value."

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New Zealand will unveil its new series tomorrow

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is ready to unveil the new series of banknotes tomorrow. The new series will be issued to the public late 2015. The biggest changes will likely be the security features and the notes will have a more modern look, feature larger print stating note denominations and greater colour contrast between notes. The general design of the notes won't see many changes with the same New Zealanders, flora and fauna. The new notes will be the same size and denominations as the current series, and will continue to be made of polymer which was first introduced in 1999. The new notes will be printed at the Canadian Bank Note Company (CBNC) plant in Ottawa, Canada.

Hopefully we'll have some nice pictures tomorrow!

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Colombia to issue new 100,000 peso note

Telesur reports that the Banco de la República, the Central Bank of Colombia, intents to issue a new 100,000-peso banknote somewhere at the end of 2015 or early 2016. The note will show the image of Colombia's 22nd president Carlos Lleras Restrepo who was in office from 1966-1970.

When issued it will be the highest denomination in Colombia. The reason for issuing this note is the high inflation in the country.

Update 16 March 2015: a possible design of the new 100,000-peso note.

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Moroccan Central Bank wants to print for other countries

Bank Al-Maghrib has established a partnership with Crane Currency to venture into the world of international banknote printing. From the press release: "Crane Currency, a global producer of currency products, and Bank Al-Maghrib, the Central Bank of the Kingdom of Morocco, have established a strategic partnership in the field of banknotes manufacturing for the international market. (...) This partnership is beneficial for both. It will contribute to the global expansion of Crane’s currency activitybased on the expertise, the production capability and the modern equipment of Dar As-Sikkah, the currency production unit of Bank Al-Maghrib."


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Imperium Romanum Fantasy Banknotes

I received a very interesting set of fantasy notes in the mail today. It's the Imperium Romanum set made by Fantasy Banknotes. Now I am, like a lot of banknote collectors as it turns out, quite interested in history. And since the Roman Empire is probably one of the most fascinating empires in history, these banknotes hit a homerun with me. They are great to see and depict a variety of themes from Roman history. Every note shows a Roman emperor on the front. The back shows a variety of Roman buildings, art, statues and maps connected with the emperor on the front. 

If you're interested in Roman history, this set is a must-buy. But also if you're just into collecting (fantasy) banknotes these notes are a great addition to your collection. The quality of the work is excellent and the paper even has watermarks, planchettes and UV-elements. The issue is limited to 1,300 sets. All in all a beautiful addition to any collection.

You can buy the full set for 25 euros of 37 US dollars + post costs by going to this page

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New additions week 46 - 2014

This week was filled with fantasy as it turned out. For my birthday I got three notes from the Canadian community of Chemainus. It is most famous for its 39 outdoor murals but as it turns out they also have their own local currency: the Chemainus dollar. The currency can be spend at local shops and merchants. Oh, and did I mention it is absolutely gorgeous? On the front it shows the face of Emily Carr, a Canadian artist who was heavily inspired by the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The back of the notes show different paintings by different artists depicting historical scenes and landscapes. For my collection I got the 1, 2 and 5 Chemainus dollar but if you're interested in getting these notes, you can buy different sets or individual pieces via this link

The second set of fantasy notes has 7 very interesting and elaborate pieces showing a variety of themes from the Roman Empire. I have a separate article on them here

A total of 10 new notes in one week? Not bad!

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Nigeria unveils commemorative 100 naira note

The Central Bank of Nigeria has, after a slight delay, unveiled a new commemorative note of 100 naira.

From the website: "The commemorative banknote has been designed and produced with the most advanced and security technology features with strong resistance to counterfeiting. It is meant to be durable, attractive and reflect Nigeria’s collective heritage and memory as a united nation.

The new banknote retains the portrait of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo on the front and raised embossed line to assist visually impaired persons in recognizing the face value. The back side incorporates Quick Recognition Code (QRC) window, which encrypts significant information that highlight Nigeria’s 100-year journey, thereby making it one of the best smart-connected paper banknote using smartphones as identity and security tool for de-encryption of information."

The new banknote will be issued to the public from 19 December 2014.

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Women on Canadian banknotes

Last year there was some discomfort among Canadian women when it became clear that no women would be on the new banknotes save for Queen Elizabeth II. The Bank of Canada didn't make any new female friends when they cancelled their plans to decorate the new 50 dollar note with the  "Famous Five," a group of women that fought to see females recognized as persons under the constitution, and Thérèse Casgrain, a feminist and the first woman ever elected to lead a political party in Canada. They were replaced by an icebreaker.

Now over 48,300 people have signed a petition on Change.org asking the Bank of Canada to commit to featuring women from Canadian history on future banknotes. On their website you can even upload your own favorite Canadian woman on the 100 dollar note.

Before you ask: yes I know Pamela Anderson is Canadian...

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Peru issues new 10 nuevos soles note

The Central Bank of Peru (Banco Central de Reserva del Perú) has issued a new banknote of 10 nuevos soles. The new note is similar to the existing to the current note but has a slightly darker color green, an electrotype number 10 in the watermark, color-changing denomination and a latent image of the denomination. The old and the new note will circulate side-by-side. A leaflet with more info on the new note can be found here.

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