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  • The Gambia to replace current series in two steps
    According to an article in The Point the  Central Bank of the Gambia  has announced that it will replace the current series of banknotes which has former President Yahya J
  • Gambia to issue new commemorative note and new series
    It was already announced in November 2014 and was expected to be issued before the end of the year, but it seems that the new commemorative 20-dalasi note will finally be
  • Gambia launches new commemorative note
    The Republic of The Gambia will issue a new commemorative 20 dalasi banknote before the end of 2014. From the press release by De la Rue : " In order to commemorate 20 yea
  • Gambia - 10 dalasis
    Gambia - 10 Dalasis - 1991-2001 - P13/17/21 The African nation of Gambia has issued several 10 dalasis notes with a satellite dish on the reverse. Above is the first one f

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