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  • Error on Australia's 50-dollar note
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has admitted there's a spelling error on the new 50-dollar note which was introduced on 18 October 2018. In the microprint on the back in a
  • Australia announces new 20-dollar for October 2019
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has presented the new 20-dollar banknote which will be introduced in October 2019. From the press release: " As with the existing banknote,
  • Australia issues new 50-dollar note
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued its new 50-dollar note on 18 October 2018. As with the previous banknote, the new 50-dollar features portraits of Aboriginal wri
  • Australia unveils new 50-dollar note
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has unveiled the design of the new 50-dollar banknote. As with the existing banknote, the new 50-dollar features portraits of Aboriginal wr
  • Australia issues new 10-dollar banknote
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued its new 10-dollars banknote today. The Governor, Philip Lowe, said at the time of the presentation of the design: "The $10 bankn
  • Australia presents design of new 10-dollars note
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued a press release presenting the design for the new 10-dollars banknote which will be issued in September 2017. The Governor, Phil
  • Australia issues first banknote of new series
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued the first banknote of its new series of banknotes on 1 September 2016. Below is a video of the new 5-pound banknote 'in action'.
  • Australia reveals design of first new banknote
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued a press release with the design for the first new banknote of the new generation, the 5-dollar note. The new note will be issued
  • Australia to issue new series from 1 September 2016
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  will issue the first note of its new series, the 5-dollar note, on 1 September 2016. This is National Wattle Day in Australia, where the wa
  • Funny proposals for new Australian banknotes
    Say what you will about Australia but they can play one hell of a game of rugby and they like to have some fun. And when it comes to fun their banknotes are no exception.
  • Australia to issue notes with features for the blind
    The  Reserve Bank of Australia  has issued a press release stating that in the next generation of banknotes features to aid the vision impaired will be introduced.  " As p
  • Australia's Next Generation Banknote Project
    The Reserve Bank of Australia has published a paper on the  Next Generation Banknote Project  (PDF). This project aims to enhance the security of future banknotes from the
  • Australia - 100 dollar
    Australia - 100 dollar - 1984 - P48 The back of this 100 dollar banknote from Australia shows the astronomer John Tebbutt and his observatory. John Tebbutt  (1834-1916) wa
  • Sexist banknotes?
    Due to the turmoil surrounding the choice of Jane Austen for the next 10 pound banknote, the Mirror has investigated a number of countries and the presence of women on the
  • New additions week 33 - 2013
    I received a banknote this week which had been high on my wishlist . It is by itself a beautiful note but it's also the first polymer banknote ever issued. The note ( P49
  • New banknote for Australia?
    An Australian website asks its readers if a new Australian banknote has surfaced: a $7 note with, wait for it...., a scratch-and-sniff feature with the smell of the wattle
  • Rare early Australian banknotes up for auction
    A nice article from the Australian Herald Sun: a rare complete set of the first Australian banknotes to be issued following Federation is expected to sell for 5.5 million
  • John Pettit Rare Banknotes in trouble
    John Pettit Rare Banknotes from Australia is in financial trouble, according to the Australian Financial Review. The losses are big it seems. Pettit claims he had become t
  • Is this Australia's new paper money?
    Australia is developing new banknotes. This project, called Next Generation Bank Note, has started five years ago and so far it has cost 9,3 million Australian dollar (abo

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