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  • Great Britain issues new polymer 10-pound note
    On 14 September 2017 the  Bank of England  has issued its new polymer 10-pound note featuring the image of writer  Jane Austen  (1775-1817) on the back.   Features of the
  • There might be a fortune on 5-pound notes
    Lots of people in Britain are curently rubbing their new 5-pound banknotes. Are they looking for strips of bacon after the recent animal fat scandal ? No, they're looking
  • A look inside the vaults of the Bank of England
    On Tuesday 13 September 2016 the new polymer 5-pound note will be issued to the British public at last. Because of that historic moment a very nice article has appeared on
  • Bank of England reveals new 5-pound note
    As announced earlier  the  Bank of England  has today revealed what the new 5-pound banknote will look like. The new note which will be issued from 13 September 2016 featu
  • Bank of England announces new 20-pound note
    The Bank of England has announced an update to its 20-pound banknote with an image of painter Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851). The Turner note will be printed on
  • 'Churchill's banknote' to be revealed on 2 June 2016
    The  Bank of England  has announced that the design of the new 5-pound note featuring Winston Churchill will be revealed on 2 June 2016. The new note will enter circulatio
  • Future 20-pound note will also be polymer
    The  Bank of England  has announced that, after the 5 and 10-pound note, the future 20-pound note will also be printed on polymer.  " The polymer £5 note featuring Winston
  • Bank of England wants new face for 20-pound note
    The Bank of England has asked the public to nominate who they would like to feature on the back of the future £20 note. This new banknote will be issued in 3-5 years, prob
  • New signature to appear on British banknotes
    The Bank of England  announced on 24 February that the signature of new Chief Cashier Victoria Cleland will begin to appear on notes which will be issued on 3 March 2015.
  • De la Rue to print the UK's polymer pounds
    As expected the  Bank of England  (BoE) has announced that banknote printer De la Rue is the "preferred bidder" for the new polymer 5 and 10 pound notes, which basically m
  • Bank of England signs contract with Innovia
    What was already expected , has now been confirmed : the Bank of England  has signed a contract with polymer producer Innovia to produce the sheets of plastic needed for t
  • United Kingdom - 1 pound
    United Kingdom - 1 pound - 1978-1984 - P377 The back of this 1 pound note from the United Kingdom shows one of the most famous scientists of all time: Sir Isaac Newton (16
  • Who's who on UK banknotes
    The Business 2 Community website has published a nice infographic on the banknotes issued in the United Kingdom and who's on them. Because of the size of the image, click
  • England revises selection of characters on banknotes
    From the website of the Bank of England regarding the future choice of characters on new banknotes: On 24 July 2013, the Bank of England announced that it would review the
  • Bank of England will change to polymer banknotes
    Not really a surprise but the Bank of England  (BoE) has decided that the new £5 and £10 will be printed on polymer. About  three months ago , the BoE has taken sample £5
  • Sir Winston Churchill to feature on new £5 banknote
    The Bank of England has announced that former prime minister Sir Winston Churchill  (1874-1965) will feature on the new 5 pound banknote.   Bank of England Governor, Sir M
  • Mark Carney new governor Bank of England
    To a lot of people’s surprise Canadian Mark Carney has been named as the new governor of the Bank of England. He is currently the governor of the Bank of Canada and will b

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