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  • Swiss beauties
    Saw this photo on Reddit and just had to share it. The stunning banknotes from Switzerland that have been issued so far. 
  • Switzerland reveals new 200-francs note
    The  Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has announced it will start to issue its new 200-francs banknote from 22 August 2018. From the press release : " The inspiration behind the
  • Switzerland announces 200-francs note
    The  Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has announced when the new 200-francs note will be issued. In the press release it says: " With the 50-franc , 20-franc and 10-franc notes
  • Switzerland introduces its new 10-francs banknote
    The Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has introduced its new 10-francs banknote today. This is the third note in the new series and has Time as its theme. Was anyone expecting Sw
  • Switzerland announces issue date new 10-francs note
    Lots of Swiss news these days. We've just been presented with the new 20-francs note. And the first note of the new series, the 50-francs note, was recently awarded Bankno
  • Swiss 50-francs note Banknote of the Year 2016
    The 2016 Banknote of the Year award  has been won by the Swiss National Bank for their 50-francs note. The note was issued in April 2016 and has been praised for its desig
  • Switzerland presents new 20-francs note
    The  Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has presented its new 20-francs banknote yesterday. This is the second note of the new series after the 50-francs note which was issued las
  • Manuela Pfrunder on designing Swiss banknotes
    Designer of the new Swiss banknotes, Manuela Pfrunder, sheds some light on the difficult process of designing new banknotes for Switzerland. A fun read in German or transl
  • Switzerland gives issue date for new 20-francs note
    The  Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has issued a speech transcription  in which the speaker mentions that the new 20-francs banknote will be unveiled on 10 May 2017 and the ne
  • Bisse d'Ayent to be featured on Swiss banknote
    More details of the Swiss 100-francs note which is due for 2019 have been revealed. The theme for this note will be 'Water' and the main color of the note will, of course,
  • Swiss won't abolish the 1,000-franc note
    Good news if you happen to be a criminal in search for ways to transport your dirty money in a convenient way. The Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has announced that it will no
  • Switzerland presents new 50-francs banknote
    The Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has finally, FINALLY, revealed the final design of the first banknote of the new series! But to be honest: it was well worth the wait.  " In
  • Swiss 50-franc note to be issued from 12 April 2016
    The day when the world can see the new Swiss banknotes is finally coming! The Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has announced that the first note of the new series, the 50-franc
  • Swiss to start issuing their new series from April 2016
    Switzerland has had its fair share of troubles and delays when it comes to its new banknote series. Which is really a shame because its new series is going to look spectac
  • New Swiss banknotes delayed until... 2016
    The new Swiss banknotes are not off to a good start. After previous delays the notes, which should have been issued in 2012(!), were supposed to be issued in 2015. Now it
  • Next step towards new Swiss banknotes
    Switzerland is working on a new banknote series but the production of these new notes has faced some problems which led to inevitable delays . The new notes were supposed
  • Switzerland - 1000 francs (proposal)
    These Swiss 1000 francs notes are part of a series which has been chosen by the  Swiss National Bank  as the new series of banknotes for the future. The final design will
  • Switzerland - 10 francs
    Switzerland - 10 francs - 1981 - P53 This Swiss 10 francs banknote depicts the Swiss mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler (1707-1783). He made important discoveries
  • More delays for new banknotes Switzerland
    The Swiss National Bank has announced  (PDF) that the new series of banknotes has again been delayed. The new series will be issued in 2015 at the earliest with the 50-fra

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