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  • Ukraine issues new 1,000-hryvnia banknote
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has issued a new 1,000-hryvnia banknote on 25 October 2019. The new note shows an image of Volodymyr Vernadsky on the front. " Volodymyr Ver
  • Ukraine issues revised 20-hryvnia banknote
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has issued a revised edition of its 20-hryvnia banknote on 25 September 2018. This is an update of the 2003-version of the same denomination
  • Ukraine to replace banknotes (eventually)
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has introduced new coins of 1, 2, 5 and 10 hryvnia. These coins will circulate together with the banknotes with the same denominations but e
  • Ukraine issues commemorative souvenir note
    As announced in November 2017 the National Bank of Ukraine has issued a souvenir commemorative banknote. Souvenir indeed because it's not legal tender. The banknote commem
  • Ukraine announces commemorative series
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has announced they have plans to issue a series of commemorative banknotes dedicated to the centenary of the Ukrainian revolution and the in
  • Ukraine presents new commemorative banknote
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has announced a new commemorative note of 20 hryvnia to be issued from 1 September 2016. The new note commemorates the 160th birthday of Ukr
  • Ukraine to issue an updated 500-hryvnia note in 2016
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has announced that an updated banknote of 500 hryvnia will be issued on 11 April 2016. The note will have updated security features like a w
  • Ukraine announces new 100 hryvnia banknote
    The  National Bank of Ukraine  has announced  ( Google translate ) a new 100 hryvnia banknote to be issued on 9 March 2015. The redesigned note will have added security fe
  • Russia to issue a Crimean commemorative banknote?
    Recently I wrote a post about the Crimea, the Ukranian peninsula which has been annexed by Russia. In the past the Crimea had its own banknotes but since the decision has

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