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  • Uruguay issues two polymer 20- and 50-peso notes
    The  Banco Central del Uruguay  has issued two updated versions of its 20- and 50-peso notes. The design looks a lot like the issues from 2017  but the new notes are made
  • Uruguay starts preparations for new polymer notes
    The  Banco Central del Uruguay  has started with the preparations for the introduction of two new polymer banknotes in 2020. The notes are: 20 and 50 pesos uruguayanos. Th
  • Uruguay issued two updated banknotes
    On 24 January 2018 the Banco Central del Uruguay  has issued two updated banknotes. The notes of 100-pesos (Series G) and 1,000-pesos (Series E) have been updated with the
  • Uruguay reveals design of its commemorative note
    The  Banco Central del Uruguay  has revealed the preliminary design of the new commemorative banknote of 50 peso which was announced last May . The note  celebrates the 50
  • Uruguay announces commemorative 50-peso note
    The  Banco Central del Uruguay  has announced that a new polymer commemorative note of 50 peso will be issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Central Bank. A tota
  • Banco Central del Uruguay issues two updated notes
    After the updated design of the 200-pesos note earlier this year , the  Banco Central del Uruguay  has also issued updated design for the 20- and 50-pesos notes. Both note
  • Uruguay issues updated 200-pesos note
    The  Central Bank of Uruguay  has issued a revised edition of its 200-pesos note on 29 December 2016. The basic design is is the same as the existing note but with some ma
  • Uruguay issues redesigned 2,000-pesos note
    The Central Bank of Uruguay has issued a new design of their 2,000-pesos note. The redesigned banknote has several new security features. This Series B-note has a registra
  • Uruguay issues updated 500 peso note
    The Central Bank of Uruguay has announced that an updated design of their 500 peso note has been issued . A couple of new security features have been added, which are expl
  • Uruguay
    50 Nuevos Pesos - P61 A

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