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  • Canadian police: "watch out for Frankenstein notes"
    Canadian police is warning the public for a new type of counterfeiting involving the 5-dollar notes. In a nutshell: " Police say counterfeiters are removing the clear pane
  • Italy seizes massive amount of counterfeit euro notes
    Reuters reports : " Italian finance police arrested a man who concealed a haul of forged 50-euro banknotes equivalent to 17 million euros ($21.8 million) in a van outside
  • Polymer notes succesful in thwarting counterfeiters
    One of the prime reasons for a central bank to introduce polymer banknotes is the added security 'plastic' money provides. But is this really true? Counterfeit polymer not
  • ECB: no plastic banknotes, more fakes
    Besides presenting the new 10 euro note, the ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch also had other news on the euro. Most important for us collectors is the confirmation t
  • Number of euro counterfeits drops
    Besides the presentation of the new 5 euro yesterday the  European Central Bank also had other news to report. The ECB  said it removed 12,4% fewer counterfeit euro bankno
  • Forgery with a kitchen tool
    Do you think you need state of the art equipment and the latest technology to counterfeit modern banknotes? Think again. A home-made tool resembling a meat tenderiser is b

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