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  • Maldives issue new 5-rufiyaa note
    On 10 August 2017 the  Maldives Monetary Authority  has issued the new polymer  5-rufiyaa note.  The new note  was designed by Abdulla Nashaath who also designed the curre
  • Maldives present new 5-rufiyaa note
    The  Maldives Monetary Authority has presented its new 5-rufiyaa note which was announced recently . The new note was designed by Abdulla Nashaath who also designed the cu
  • Maldives to reintroduce 5-rufiyaa note
    The  Maldives Monetary Authority  introduced its beautiful new series in January 2016 without the 5-rufiyaa note which was going to be replaced by a coin. It now appears t
  • Maldives issue new banknote series...
    ... and the world sang in joy! Because good heavens, these are some nice looking banknotes! The  Maldives Monetary Authority  has issued the new series today on 26 January
  • Maldives shows beautiful new banknote series
    And now for something really nice. The  Maldives Monetary Authority  has published the new designs of the new banknote series and boy are they nice! The six new notes whic
  • The Maldives issue commemorative 5,000-rufiyaa note
    At the beginning of this year the  Maldives Monetary Authority   announced it was designing a commemorative note celebrating 50 years of independence. I guessed it would b
  • Maldives' new banknotes to be printed on Safeguard
    The  Maldives Monetary Authority  announced a new commemorative banknote early this year . The new note would be issued at the end of July. My prediction was 26 July becau
  • Maldives announce new series and new denomination
    Banknotenews mentions two articles dealing with new notes in the Maldives. The first article on  Sun.mv  states that the Maldives Monetary Authority will replace the 5-ruf
  • Maldives announces commemorative note for 2015
    The Maldives Monetary Authority  has, according to HaveeruOnline,  announced that 28 designers have been selected to submit their proposals for a new commemorative banknot
  • Maldives issues new 100 rufiyaa banknote
    The Maldives Monetary Authority has announced the introduction of a new 100 rufiyaa banknote. The new note has  updated security features compared to the last print of 100

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