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  • Mexico announces new family of notes
    The new Mexican banknote of 500 pesos is the first of a new family of notes that the Banco de México will be introducing over the next couple of years. Each banknote will
  • Mexico to announce a new 500-pesos note?
    The Banco de Mexico will announce a new banknote of 500 pesos on 27 August 2018, El Universal reports. The new note will probably be made of polymer and will probably have
  • Frida the rescue dog on a banknote?
    Mexico is still recovering from the earthquake. The nation mourns the hundreds of deaths and tries to rebuild after the devastation. One of the uplifting stories is rescue
  • Mexico to issue commemorative 100-pesos banknote
    The Banco de Mexico  is reportedly planning to issue a new commemorative note of of 100-pesos to celebrate the Centennial of the Constitution . The date of issue is suppos
  • Mexico issues revised 50 peso note
    The Banco de Mexico has introduced a revised banknote of 50 peso on 6 May 2013, which includes new security measures and some new design elements.  The image of  Jose Mari
  • Mexico will change the design of the 50 peso note
    The Bank of Mexico will present changes to the 50 peso banknote, according to this article on CNN Mexico. The presentation is scheduled for 6 May 2013. To be continued...
  • Mexico
    10 Pesos - PS535b 100 Pesos - P74a 20 Pesos - P121k.1

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