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  • Mauritania to issue new banknotes from 1 January
    President of Mauritania Mohamed Uld Abdelaziz has announced that Mauritania will combat  falsified banknotes by issuing new notes which " will have a value ten times great
  • Mauritania issues new 200 ouguiya note
    Besides a new 1,000 ouguiya note the  Banque Central de Mauritanie  has also issued a new 200 ouguiya banknote. This note is printed on regular paper and not the polymer s
  • Mauritania issues polymer 1,000 ouguiya note
    The  Banque Central de Mauritanie  has issued a new 1,000 ouguiya banknote printed by Innovia . The annoucement was made by Innovia themselves. The new note is printed on
  • Mauritania has issued a revised 500 ouguiya note
    The  Banque Central de Mauritanie  has issued a new 500 ouguiya banknote . It resembles the old 500 ouguiya note very much (see old note front and back ). The new note is
  • New 5000 Ougiya from Mauritania
    The Banque Centrale de Mauritanie  issued a new note of 5000 Ougiya on 22 November 2012. The notes are printed by Giesecke & Devrient . Source

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