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  • Lots of new notes from Mujand
    I received a thick package from Texas last week with lots of new fantasy notes from Mujand. For those that never heard of Mujand: it's a fantasy banknote company publishin
  • New addiditions week 4 - 2017
    In the new series from the master creator of fantasy banknotes, Mujand takes us back to the Greek mythology. We enter the dangerous world of the Sirens . These mythical cr
  • Mujand special: the Mont Blanc fountain pen note
    Recently I wrote a piece about several of my hobbies (in no particular order: banknotes, fountain pens and tea) and how I like it when somehow these hobbies can be combine
  • New 'Dutch' set from Mujand
    After the spectacular fantasy Dutch-Mauritius set from Mujand  designed by Celsus Solar, there is now a new former Dutch colony available in a perhaps even better looking
  • Mujand delivers new series... and more!
    If you've been reading this blog a while you'll know I'm a big fan of the fantasy notes by the Mujand Trading Company . Its creator and designer Celsus Solar has created a
  • The Poneet Islands set from Mujand Trading Company
    The  Mujand Trading Company  did it again: the F-series from the fictional Poneet Islands has been issued. The Poneet Islands of course are part of the planet Blissdane Na
  • New additions week 34 - 2015
    Rejoice, workers of the world! For the Mujand Trading Company has released a second set of banknotes from the Kuninganna Territory inspired by the glory of socialism. OK,
  • New additions week 26 - 2015
    Just recently I wrote about the limited edition 5-zilchy note from the Mujand Trading Company honouring the works of Edgar Allen Poe. This week I received the polymer beau
  • News from the Mujand Trading Company
    Exciting news from the Mujand Trading Company , the maker of one of the finest series of fantasy banknotes at this moment. A new limited edition polymer note is available
  • New additions week 19 - 2015 (2)
    This week after a three-day visit to Disneyland Paris I came home finding a brown envelop with some interesting stamps on it in the mail. A letter from the Mujand Trading
  • Mujand Trading Company issues 5th fantasy set
    One of the most interesting fantasy banknote series is the one from the Mujand Trading Company . Previous posts about their sets can be read here , here  and here . What I
  • New additions week 38 - 2014
    Recently I wrote about the new fantasy banknote set from the Mujand Trading Company . This fourth set is from the " Nation of Andaqesh " and features 7 banknotes. More bac
  • Mujand Trading Company releases new set
    Collectors of fantasy banknotes can add a new set to their collection from the Mujand Trading Company . This is the 4th series in their collection of fantasy banknotes fro
  • New additions week 24 - 2014
    Recently I wrote an article about the Mujand Trading Company which designs and produces fantasy banknotes. These are not just banknotes with a nice design but they are par
  • New additions week 17 - 2014
    Fantasy banknotes, the opinions on them vary but it's a fact that there are a lot of them. The most well known are from Antarctica  and the Disney Dollars . I know a lot o
  • Mujand
    A-Series - Early American Writers Ltd 5 Zilchy B-Series - Territory of West Junee 1 Spatny 5 Spatny 10 Spatny 20 Spatny   50 Spatny 100 Spatny 500 Spatny C-Series - Kuning

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