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  • Thailand issues two commemorative banknotes
    The  Bank of Thailand  has announced it will issue two commemorative banknotes on 12 December 2020  to commemorate the Royal Coronation Ceremony of 2019.  The 100-baht not
  • Thailand presents next series with new King
    The Bank of Thailand has announced the first series with the portrait of the new King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun (or Rama X). The new series will be issue
  • Thailand issues commemorative banknote series
    The Bank of Thailand has started issuing the commemorative banknote series commemorating the death of King Bhumibol today. This series was announced in July 2017 . The reg
  • Thailand announces commemorative series
    The Bank of Thailand has a long tradition of commemorative notes celebrating different occasions regarding the royal family. So it comes as little surprise that the death
  • World News on Banknotes: Thailand has a new king
    By accepting the crown on 1 December 2016, Thailand officially has a new king . Crown Prince  Maha Vajiralongkorn will henceforth be known as King Rama X. He succeeds his
  • Thai mourners warned of fake golden banknotes
    Yes, another item regarding Thailand... People in Thailand have been warned  not to buy 'golden commemorative notes' which are being sold at the  Grand Palace, where the l
  • News from the Bank of Thailand after the King's dead
    The Bank of Thailand has announced in the wake of the King's dead  that it will continue issuing banknotes with the image of King Bhumibol on the front. This is good news
  • World News on Banknotes: King Bhumibol has died
    Sad news for the Thai: today the royal palace has announced that King Bhumibol or Rama IX has died at the age of 88. The late king had an almsot divine status in Thailand
  • Thailand to issue commemorative 500-baht note
    The  Bank of Thailand  has issued a press release announcing a new commemorative banknote. Thailand has A LOT of commemorative notes already but I'm not complaining as I a
  • Thailand to issue new commemorative banknote
    The  Bank of Thailand  has announced that a new commemorative note is coming our way. I love the commemorative banknotes of Thailand very much (as can be seen in my person
  • Thailand issues new 1000-baht note
    One of my favourite countries in my collection is issuing a new banknote today. The  Bank of Thailand  has released this  press release : The design is to glorify His Maje
  • Thailand to issue new commemorative 100-baht note
    The Bank of Thailand  has announced plans to issue a new commemorative banknote in honor of "Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 5th Cycle Birthday Annive
  • Thailand to issue a new 100-baht note
    The  Bank of Thailand  has issued a press release stating that on 26 February 2015 a new banknote of 100 baht will be issued.  I'm particularly happy with this news, becau
  • Thailand gets a new 500 baht banknote
    One of my favourite countries to collect is about to issue a new banknote. The Bank of Thailand has released this press release describing the new 500 baht note which will
  • Thailand - 50 baht
    Thailand - 50 baht - 2004 - P112 Thai banknotes usually honour the present and past monarchs. This 50 baht note has the present King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the uniform of t
  • Thailand announces new 20 baht
    The Bank of Thailand has announced the release of a new 20 baht banknote for 1 April 2013. The front of the note has the portrait of King Rama IX in the Royal House of Cha
  • Thailand 20 Baht to be issued?
    According to this site with news on Thai and other Asian banknotes, the new 20 Baht from Thailand (series 16) should be issued tomorrow 5 December 2012. I have no news abo
  • New additions week 34 - 2012
    As mentioned earlier Thailand has issued two new commemorative banknotes. The prettiest of the two, the 80 Baht commemorating the 80th birthday of the queen, has arrived .
  • New commemorative banknotes from Thailand
    The announcement of new bankotes is always something to cheer about but especially when it's Thai money. I'm a real sucker for their commemorative notes and have acquired
  • Eindelijk mijn favoriete bankbiljet in bezit
    Naast dat ik uit elk land minimaal één biljet wil hebben, verzamel ik ook specifiek papiergeld dat ik erg mooi vind. Met name tropische, caribische en pacifische eilanden
  • Thailand
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