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  • Iran to reduce size of future banknotes
    The  Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran  has announced that the size of future Iranian banknotes will be reduced, Newslist reports. " The Central Bank of Iran pl
  • Iran announces new 10,000-rials note
    The  Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran  has announced that in June 2017 a new note of 10,000-rials will be issued. The new note is reduced in size (from  77 × 1
  • Will Iran's currency change from rial to toman?
    The German news site Deutsche Welle reports that Iran is considering changing the currency from rial to toman. Iran has had the rial as its currency since 1932 but unoffic
  • Iran - 50,000 rial
    Iran - 50,000 rial - 2015 - PNL On the back it shows a tree next to the entrance to Teheran University. In the background we can make out the famous double-helix structure
  • Iran issues commemorative 50,000-rial note
    It was expected earlier this year but the  Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran  has finally released the new commemorative 50,000-rial banknote. The note features
  • Iran to introduce new commemorative note
    The website  FARS News Agency  reports that  the  Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran  has announced a new 50,000-rial note in the spring in commemoration of the
  • Iran issues new 20,000 rial note
    Banknotenews reports that Iran has issued a new banknote of 20,000 rial. The new blue colored note shows ayatullah Khomeini on the front and a building on the back. From w
  • Iran - 5000 rials
    Iran - 5000 rials - 2009 - P150 This 5000 rials note from Iran is all about astronomy. On the back of the note we see the Omid satellite which was launched by the Safir 2
  • New 5000 rial for Iran
    Banknotenews reports that Iran plans to issue a new 5000 rial banknote. Earlier this year we already had the news that larger denominations were on the way but this was ne
  • Iran to issue larger denomination?
    From Bloomberg.com : Iran’s Central Bank plans to issue banknotes with twice the value of the largest ones in circulation, Donya-e-Eqtesad reported, citing Majid Saniei, a
  • Iran
    100 Rials - P140g 2000 Rials - P141f 1000 Rials - P143b   5000 Rials - P150  

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