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  • Will Iran's currency change from rial to toman?
    The German news site Deutsche Welle reports that Iran is considering changing the currency from rial to toman. Iran has had the rial as its currency since 1932 but unoffic
  • What could Greece do with its currency?
    Well, Greece, Greece, anything interesting to report on Greece? Our fellow EU and euro member state is the continuing headline in every newspaper and report on tv these da
  • Zimbabwe discards the Zimbabwian dollar
    The government of Zimbabwe has decided to discard its own currency, the Zimbabwian dollar (ZWD). The currency hasn't been widely used anymore after the country experienced
  • Cuba to issue higher-denomination banknotes
    Last year Cuba announced that it would abolish its two-currency system. Since 1994 Cuba has had two currencies, one pegged to the US dollar and the other worth only a frac
  • Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan agree on joint currency
    Interesting news from Standartnews.com (which got it from the Russian Pravda newspaper): In May 2014, presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will sign an agreement o
  • Russian ruble gets its own symbol
    The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has announced that a symbol for its ruble has been chosen. Over the last month more than 280,000 people took part in a vote to choose the

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