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  • Zimbabwe to introduce higher denominations?
    The  Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe  could introduce notes with higher denominations in the next few months. This according to an article on Pindula News . The higher denominati
  • Zimbabwe issues new 5-dollar bond note
    According to Africanews.com the  Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe  (RBZ) has issued its third bond note, the 5-dollar bond note. The new note comes two months after the introducti
  • Zimbabwe will introduce bond notes on 28 November
    The  Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe  has formally announced that the already infamous Zimbabwian Bond Notes will be issued from 28 November 2016. The new notes are pegged 1:1 to
  • Zimbabwe to reintroduce its own currency
    The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced on 4 May 2016 that it will once again start issuing its own banknotes. Zimbabwe discarded the Zimbabwean dollar in June of 2015
  • Zimbabwe discards the Zimbabwian dollar
    The government of Zimbabwe has decided to discard its own currency, the Zimbabwian dollar (ZWD). The currency hasn't been widely used anymore after the country experienced
  • Zimbabwe
    5 dollars - P5b 100 triljoen dollars - P91

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