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  • Uzbekistan issues new 100,000-som note
    The  Central Bank of Uzbekistan  has issued a new banknote of 100,000 som on 25 February 2019.  The note has 2019 as its date and is 144 x 78mm in size. On the front we ca
  • Uzbekistan issues new 50,000-som note
    The  Central Bank of Uzbekistan  has announced that from 22 August 2017 a new 50,000-som note has been issued. The watermark has the form of the National Emblem of the Rep
  • Uzbekistan to issue new 10,000-som note
    The  Central Bank of Uzbekistan  has announced that a new note of 10,000-som will be issued on 10 March 2017. The note has been publicized on the website of the Central Ba
  • Uzbekistan to issue 10,000-sum note?
    Some rumours from Uzbekistan are circulating on the internet. The  Central Bank of Uzbekistan  is supposedly ready to issue a new banknote of 10,000 sum, making it the hig
  • New 5000 sum banknote for Uzbekistan
    After initially denying news on a new banknote, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan has now officially released information on a new 5000 sum banknote. This makes it the highes

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