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  • Guyana announces new 1,000-dollars note
    The  Bank of Guyana  has announced that an improved 1,000-dollars note will be issued next month with two significant changes.  " These changes are part of the Bank’s comm
  • Guyana presents commemorative 50-dollar note
    The Bank of Guyana has presented its 50-dollar commemorative banknote. The new note commemorates that 50 years ago on 26 May 1966 , Guyana became an independent country. T
  • Guyana plans commemorative 50-dollar note in 2016
    The Bank of Guyana has plans to introduce a new 50-dollar commemorative note . The new note will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the country.  The Bank of Guyana is ex
  • Guyana announces new 5000 dollar note
    Guyana  decided  last year that a new banknote of 5000 dollar would be introduced. The current highest denomination is 1000 dollar. Now the Bank of Guyana has announced th
  • Guyana to introduce 5000 dollar notes
    Guyana decided last year that a new banknote of 5000 dollar would be introduced. Currently the highest denomination is the 1000 dollar note. MRI now reports that this new
  • Guyana
    1 Dollar - P21g 5 Dollars - P22f 10 Dollars - P23f

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