Rwanda issues redesigned 1,000-francs banknote

The National Bank of Rwanda has issued a new banknote of 1,000 francs. The new note looks pretty much the same as the current version accept for improved security and the absence of any french words. The only two languages on the note are english and kinyarwanda which is interesting because to my knowledge french is still the third official language of Rwanda.

The characteristics of the new note as described in the official announcement (pdf-alert!):

Size: 140 mm x 72 mm
Watermark: Coat of arms of the Republic of Rwanda and an electrotype representing the logo "BNR" below it
Dominant Colour: Blue

1. Front
a) Wording
- "BANKI NKURU Y'U RWANDA" printed on the upper part;
- "AMAFARANGA IGIHUMBI" printed in the lower part;
- "Iyi noti yemewe n'amategeko" printed below the words "BANKI NKURU Y'U RWANDA"
b) Other characteristics
- The Principal design: The National Museum of Rwanda
- The face value of the note is written horizontally in each corner except on the upper right corner;
- The transparent image of the number "1000" below words "IYI NOTI YEMEWE N'AMATEGEKO" depending on the disposition of the note;
- The date of issue between the Governor's signature and Vice Governor's signature;
- Serial number of the note printed horizontally in black color in the upper right corner and vertically on the left side;
- A hexagonal picture with an image of a flying dove inside shifting to words "BNR" depending on the disposition of the note;
- On the front of one thousand francs banknote, there is an image of a flying dove changing colour from dark green to blue depending on position from green to blue and a bright ring seen on a circular movement;
- The invisible fibres scattered on each side of the note fluorescent under ultraviolet light;
- The date of issue of the note: 01.05.2015.

2. Back
a) Wording
- "NATIONAL BANK OF RWANDA" printed on the upper part;
- "ONE THOUSAND FRANCS" printed just under the words "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER"

b) Other characteristics
- Golden monkey in the Volcano National Park;
- The face value of the note written horizontally in all corners of the banknote;
- The transparent image on the note in upper right composed by reversed number of "1000" depending on the disposition of the note
- A windowed security thread in which the micro text reads "BNR" and the number "1000" changes colour red to green, located on the left side of the note.

Steven Vrijdag 23 Oktober 2015 at 09:52 am | | news
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