Welcome to new 'Watermerk' readers!

Recently I was asked to be an editor for 't Watermerk, the quarterly magazine from the Dutch chapter of the International Banknote Society (IBNS). My 'task' is to gather all the banknote news and describe the latest banknote issues from the different central banks all around the world. So pretty much what I also write about here! For the readers of 't Watermerk who have just found me via the link in the latest magazine issue I bid you a warm welcome here!

As the name of my site sort of suggests this is my personal banknote site. The main reason why I began gathering and writing about banknote news was a personal frustration. Whenever I went to an auction, a papermoney fair or a shop and wanted to know something more about a new banknote I discovered, I had to go through several sites to find a particular piece of information I was looking for. So I decided to gather the info for my personal collecting preferences. You'll also find some info about my personal collection at the right for the exact same reason. 

That also means I feel very comfortable giving my opinion on new banknotes. Of course I provide the bare facts like the issuing authority, denomination, color, etc. etc. but I also looooove to give my opinion. If I think a new note is beautiful I'll let you know. If I think it looks like the product of a kid painting with cat vomit I will definitely let you know. What if you disagree with my opinion? Great! Jut let me know in the comments. 

So that's basically it. If you have any questions just let me know and as a final note I wish you lots of success with your own collection. Fijne dag verder!*

*(that's Dutch, don't worry)

Steven Zondag 29 November 2015 - 8:17 pm | | site info
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