Vietnam issues commemorative 100-dong note

The State Bank of Vietnam has issued a commemorative note of 100-dong commemoratong the 65th anniversary of the the banking sector in Vietnam (6 May 1951- 6 May 2016)

The note is 83 by 163 mm and printed on cotton paper. The primary color of the note is red. The front of the note has the line "The State Bank of Vietnam", "the 65th Anniversary of Banking Sector” with the years 1951- 2016, the denomination of 100 VND in words and in numbers, a portrait of former president Ho Chi Minh and the signature of SBV Governor Nguyen Van Binh.

The  back of the note shows the line "The State Bank of Vietnam", the denomination of 100 VND in words and in numbers, an image of the State Bank of Vietnam building, Thanh Giong (a mythical folk hero), a stylized depiction of the currency used in ancient Vietnam representing the nation’s monetary sovereignty and the patterns found on Ngoc Lu Bronze Drum. The sky and dragon are painted as decoration features on both the front and back. 

On the occasion of 65th anniversary of the banking sector, the SBV has issued the note as a souvenir to promote iconic features of Vietnam and its history. The souvenir banknotes were manufactured by the National Banknote Printing Plant under the sponsorship of international partners from France, Switzeland, Sweden, and Germany for paper, ink and security equipments.

The banknotes will be sold for VND 20,000 per single note, and VND 25,000 per note wrapped in a folder with a bilingual caption.

Steven Woensdag 06 April 2016 at 3:15 pm | | news
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Hi – I just got one of these notes as a souvenir from a friend’s trip and I was very excited to read about it here! Thanks for the info.

Terry, - 16-01-’20 14:43


Steven, (URL) - 17-01-’20 10:33
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