Russia to issue new banknotes soon?

The Central Bank of Russia will issue new 200- and 2,000-ruble banknotes this year. The public chose the themes of Sevastopol and Kazan to be on the two new banknotes. Sevastopol has the Monument to the Scuttled Ships and Chersonesus as its local themes. For Kazan it's the Kremlin and the Kazan Federal University. Now pictures are circulating online which supposedly show the new notes. The notes could be issued soon.

To be honest: I'm not convinced. The "200-ruble note" shown here looks more like one of the designs entered in the competition. The "2,000-ruble note" looks more finished but I don't immediately recognize the announced themes on this banknote. Perhaps a Russian reader recognizes the places shown on the note?

Update 21-03-2017: I asked and reader Kirill delivers. The notes shown here are indeed fakes. The actual design is still unknown at this point. 

Steven Woensdag 08 Maart 2017 at 11:06 am | | news
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Hi Steven!

Images what you posted before is a joke.

Design will be discussed only at April, at the meeting in the Central Bank. On a public chose, we have chosen only the cities that will be on banknotes.

So, on new 200 rubles will be Sevastopol and on new 2000 rubles will be Vladivostok.
And maybe, space port “Vostochiy” Lucky you :)

And in first quarter of 2018 Bank of Russia will be emission new 100 rubles FIFA2018 it will be plastic note.

In this interview:

“The fact that the commemorative banknote dedicated to the World Cup will be plastic, it’s 100%, it will be different to the touch, and the quality of the material is different.” The thing is that “Goznak” for the first time We are not in a hurry to actively introduce new technologies, “said First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Georgy Luntovsky

Kirill, (E-mail ) (URL) - 19-03-’17 20:25

Hi Kirill, thanks for the comment and for debunking these rumours.

Steven, (URL) - 21-03-’17 08:48
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