Belarus issues improved 20- and 50-ruble banknotes

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus announced the issue of improved 20- and 50-rubles banknotes. The new notes have been issued from 23 March 2020. 

The security features of the updated banknotes are enhanced by an additional watermark and a wider security thread. The banknote of 50 rubles also includes images with an optically variable effect. Other changes from the existing design:

  • The text "Старшыня Праўлення" and signatures are removed.
  • The images of architectural constructions on the front of banknotes are brought in line with the actual appearance of the objects and their names are displayed.
  • The year of issue has been changed to "2020" from "2009".
  • The text "ПЯЦЬДЗЕСЯТ" on the 50-ruble banknote is changed into "ПЯЦЬДЗЯСЯТ".

The new banknotes have been printed by Russian printer Goznak. The old notes of the same denomination will remain legal tender.

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Steven Zondag 29 Maart 2020 - 11:02 am | | news
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