New header image

As you can see, I've uploaded a new header image (the picture at the top of this screen with on it). I got the background picture from reddit and the complete world map of currencies can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail below.

Note: I do of course know that some of the currencies displayed in this image are not in use anymore but I still think it looks pretty cool.


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Link exchange

Recently I got a few e-mails from other paper money collectors / websites asking if I'm interested in a link exchange. Sure, no problem! Feel free to contact me if you have a site on paper money which isn't already featured in the links section on the right. I would be happy to add your site as well.

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For a collector of world banknotes like me it's always nice to know how many countries are represented in your collection. At the moment I have 157 countries for instance. But it's much nicer to see this in a list which could also be easy to manage.

Well I did just that. There are numerous lists of banknote issuing countries but I've tried to combine them in one list which I hope is somewhat complete. Of course there is still room for debate: should you add every German state as a separate entity or is 'German states' sufficient? But as a first attempt this works for me.

You can choose 'countries' in the menu on the right or click here.

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Central Banks updated

My list of central banks in the world which I copied from the IBNS website, has been completely checked and updated with new and current websites. About 25 websites had changed their address. I'm still looking (or waiting?) for the website of the Central Bank of South Sudan.

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Some site changes

As the regular visitor might have noticed I've implemented some changes on this blog. First of all it's wider. My blog has always been 750 pixels wide, but now it's grown to 900 pixels. Not much wider perhaps but it allows me to implement another change: advertisements...

Yes, that horrible evil phenomenon which will be the downfall of humanity as we know it!! Well, that's a bit over the top perhaps since it's an add for the great Banknote Book. This is by far the best catalogue on banknotes out there so if you want to check it out for yourself, please do so by clicking the banner at the right. That way I make a little bit of money as well.

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¿Habla inglés?

So what's this? All of sudden everything is in English on this website?!

Well not everything yet but I'm working on it. Since I'm listed in the members section of the IBNS with my website I've noticed a lot of traffic from across the world. Now that's great of course but unless your native language is Dutch you wouldn't understand a word I wrote. So I decided that from now on my banknote website will be in English. I've only translated a few of the recent posts at the moment but I'm hoping to translate everything soon.

Of course, I'm 100% Dutch: English is not my native language. So if you're reading this and thinking: 'WTF is this guy blabbering about?', then please bear with me.

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Dollar green

So here's something I bet you didn't know: the color green which is used for this blog (look on the left and right side of your screen) is the same green used in US dollar banknotes. If you use CSS you can find the color using hexcode #8C9566.

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Onderaan het menu aan de rechterkant zijn twee nieuwe logo's verschenen die aangeven dat ik lid ben geworden van twee papiergeld-clubs: de internationale tak van de IBNS (International Bank Note Society) en LANSA (Latin American Paper Money Society). 

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Nieuwe indeling website

Omdat ik mijn bankbiljettenblog (klinkt lekker als je het snel zegt) tegenwoordig veel actiever bijhoudt dan mijn persoonlijke weblog, heb ik de indeling van de site even omgedraaid. Als je nu naar gaat, kom je uit bij het papiergeld. Wil je mijn persoonlijke weblog lezen, dan ga je naar

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Collectie visueel gemaakt

De landen die in mijn collectie aanwezig zijn, heb ik in een overzichtje gezet. In het dropdownmenu aan de rechterzijde zijn al mijn biljetten te zien. Wel zo handig als ik in een winkel ben en sta te peinzen of ik een biljet nou wel of niet heb.

Zowel de voor- en achterkant van elk biljet is te zien (tenzij er geen achterkant is zoals bij sommige noodbiljetten). Indien van toepassing heb ik ook de folder erbij gezet waar een biljet in uitgebracht is en als ik die in bezit heb.

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In het menu is een nieuwe pagina toegevoegd: Landen. Spreekt voor zich lijkt me.

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Mijn voornaamste verzameldoel op dit moment is om van alle landen ter wereld minimaal één biljet te hebben. Volgens een handige tool ben ik inmiddels op 50% van alle bestaande landen. Zo te zien kent met name Afrika nog wel wat Terra Incognita.

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