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  • Argentina announces new 5,000-pesos note.
    The  Sociedad de Estado Casa de Moneda de la Nacion  has begun production of a new 5,000-pesos banknote for the  Banco Central de la República Argentina . The new banknote
  • Argentina issues 100-pesos note
    The  National Bank of Argentina  has issued the last banknote of the Flora and Fauna series . This violet 100-pesos note was issued on 19 December 2018 and features an ima
  • Argentina issues new 50-pesos note
    The  Banco Central de la República Argentina  has issued its new 50-pesos note on 16 August 2018. The note shows the Andean Condor  the front and  Mount Aconcagua , habita
  • Argentina issues new 1,000-pesos note
    The  Banco Central de la República Argentina  has issued its new 1,000-pesos note on 1 December 2017. The note shows the  Rufous Hornero bird  on the front and the Région
  • Argentina to issue new 1,000-pesos in November 2017
    The Banco Central de la República Argentina will issue the new 1,000-pesos banknote in November 2017 according to an article on Nuevo Diario . The 1,000-pesos note shows t
  • Argentina reveals rest of new series
    The  National Bank of Argentina is issuing the new Flora and Fauna-series. The 200- and 500-pesos notes have already been issued but next year the notes of 20-, 50-, 100-
  • Argentina issues new 200-pesos note
    The  National Bank of Argentina  has issued the new 200-pesos note on 26 October 2016. The note is the second in the new series after the introduction of the 500-pesos not
  • Argentina issues new 500-pesos note
    The  National Bank of Argentina has issued the first note of the new flora and fauna series to the public. The issue date of the 500-pesos note is 29 June 2016. In this se
  • Argentina has issued a redesigned 10-pesos note
    One more older news item that was buried in my vacation folder but was mentioned by reader Jorge to me. The  National Bank of Argentina  has issued a redesigned 10-pesos n
  • Argentina: new notes in 2016 and new series in 2017
    The  National Bank of Argentina  has announced that a new family of banknotes will be introduced as a measure to curb the rising inflation in the country. Right now the hi
  • Argentina won't see new 500-peso note in January 2016
    Argentina has a new president, Mauricio Macri , and he has made a statement on the country's banknotes which is of course interesting for us collectors. He stated that the
  • Argentina shows design of the new 20-peso note
    The Sociedad de Estado Casa de Moneda de la Nacion has announced the design of the new Argentinian 20-peso note. The banknotes in Argentina are currently being redesigned
  • Argentina to issue redesigned 5-pesos note
    The  National Bank of Argentina  has  announced  that a redesigned 5-pesos note will be issued from 1 October 2015. The note still bears the image of general Jose de San M
  • Argentina presents new 100-peso banknote
    Argentine President Cristina Fernández has  presented  the design of a new 100-peso note. The note is dedicated to the mothers, grandmothers, children and grandchildren of
  • Argentina still plans to issue new 50-peso note?
    Remember the special Malvinas / Falklands banknote Argentina was supposed to issue at the end of 2014? Well, the end of the year came and went, but no new note. I had alre
  • Argentina presents new 10 peso note
    The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has unveiled a new 10 peso note on 21 June. The new note shows images of General Manuel Belgrano in military un
  • Will Argentina print higher denominations?
    The Argentinian Congress has adopted a proposal for the printing of banknotes of 200, 500 and 1000 peso. Currently the highest denomination in Argentina is the 100 peso. M
  • Argentina presents new note showing the Falkland Islands
    Argentine President Cristina Fernández  has presented  a new 50-peso note commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the invasion of the British archipelago.  Argentine forces
  • Argentina issues second series of Evita notes
    The National Bank of Argentina  has announced  (PDF, translation ) the second series of the 100 peso note with a portrait of Evita Peron which was introduced last year. Th
  • Salta Province Bonds
    I found an interesting article on the site of LANSA , the Latin American Paper Money Society, regarding the Salta Province Bonds from Argentina. Having been issued in 1985
  • Banknote of the Year 2012: competition is still open!
    The IBNS has published  the nominees so far for the Banknote of the Year 2012. The nominees are (in random order): Brazil: 20 Reais Costa Rica: 5000 Colones Jersey: 100 Po

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