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  • Barbados has issued a commemorative 50-dollar note
    The  Central Bank of Barbados  has issued a special banknote celebrating the island’s golden jubilee. It is basically the same banknote issued in 2013  but with an added l
  • New banknotes Barbados issued
    The new notes of Barbados have been put into circulation on 4 June 2013 . The new series has a modernised look and of course updated security features. The new notes were
  • Barbados presents new banknotes
    The Central Bank of Barbados has presented its new series of banknotes. The new banknotes will be available to the public from 4 June 2013. From the press release : Govern
  • Barbados unveils its new banknotes today
    News from Barabados: " The Central Bank of Barbados will today unveil a new family of Barbadian banknotes – for the first time since the institution issued notes in 1973.

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