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  • Congo announces new banknote series
    The governor of the  Banque Centrale du Congo (BCC), Deogratias Mutombo Mwana Nyembo, announced on 13 March 2017 new notes for the banknote series from 500 Congolese franc
  • Central African States - 10,000 francs
    Central African States - 10,000 francs - 2002/2011 - P210 This note from the Central African States (a monetary union of Congo, Cameroun, Central African Republic, Gabon,
  • Congo releases new note
    The Banque Centrale du Congo has released the 20.000 francs note into circulation. 
  • Congo Democratic Republic
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: République démocratique du Congo), sometimes referred to as DR Congo, Congo-Kinshasa or the DRC, is a country located in Cent

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