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  • Libya issues new commemorative 1-dinar note
    The  Central Bank of Libya  (CBL) has issued a commemorative banknote of 1 dinar on 18 February 2019. The note commemorates t he 8th Anniversary of the February Revolution
  • Competing Central Banks in Libya
    The Guardian reports that a rival Central Bank in Libya might issue competing banknotes. This will certainly help to solve the already chaotic situation in Libya... " A po
  • Libya to introduce redesigned 5- and 10-dinar notes?
    Banknotenews.com has an interesting article on new Libyan banknotes which might be issued from 13 December 2015. These are new 5- and 10-dinar notes with a different desig
  • Libya denies rumours of hidden symbols
    The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has denied rumours that hidden symbols, like the Jewish Star of David, can be found on the new 10 dinar note. The allegations were made by
  • Libya: new 20 dinar to be released soon
    Libya will issue the new 20 dinar banknote on 31 March 2013 ( press release in Arabic). The front of the note shows a school in Ghadames and the back shows the Al-Ateeq mo
  • New banknotes Libya announced. Again.
    An article from the Libya Harald: " The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has announced that it will launch the new Libyan banknotes on the second anniversary of the 17 February
  • New banknotes Libya today?
    The Libya Herald reports that the long awaited new banknotes will be issued today. The Central Bank of Libya says that it will start issuing new Libyan banknotes as of thu
  • Images of new Libyan banknotes are NOT correct
    Well, here’s a surprise nobody could see coming (yes, I’m using irony here).  An adviser to Libya’s Central Bank has said that although the Central Bank has worked for qui
  • New banknotes Libya?
    Could these be the new banknotes from Libya? There are several shown in this video which I found on Jay's World Banknotes . Apparently the following images appear on the n

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