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  • Myanmar issues new 1,000-kyats on 4 January 2020
    The  Central Bank of Myanmar  will issue a new 1,000-kyats banknote from 4 January 2020. From the press release by the Ministry of Information we learn that the front of t
  • Myanmar to issue improved 10,000-kyat note
    The  Central Bank of Myanmar  has announced it will issue an improved version of its 10,000-kyat note.  The new bill is the same size, design and color as the old one but
  • Myanmar to issue new 5,000 kyat banknote
    The Central Bank of Myanmar will issue a new 5,000 kyat banknote from 1 October 2014. The new note will have a new design and updated security features. All existing 5,000
  • Myanmar to issue banknotes with new portraits
    Myanmar (or Burma as the country is still called  by a lot of countries) will probably issue banknotes with new faces in the future. The parliament of Myanmar specifically
  • Myanmar
    1 Kyat - P67 50 Pyas -  P68 1 Kyat - P69
  • Burma
    Various ethnic Burmese and ethnic minority city-states or kingdoms occupied the present borders through the 19th century. Over a period of 62 years (1824-1886), Britain co

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