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  • RBS launches new 10-pound... into space
    On 4 October 2017 the Royal Bank of Scotland issued its new 10-pound note featuring the image of Mary Somerville. The launch of the new note has been quite spectacular bec
  • China to launch a space-themed commemorative note
    The  People's Bank of China  has announced that a new commemorative 100-yuan note will be issued. The beautiful blue note commemorates the Chinese space program. The bankn
  • Space notes
    I just finished describing the first batch of 67 banknotes from 51 different countries which have a space and astronomy theme. Of course I'll keep looking out for more ban
  • Theme blog: space and astronomy banknotes
    After the recent acquisition of the new Canadian 5 dollar with its space themed backside, I showed the note to a colleague who is also an amateur astronomer and writes for

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