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  • Sri Lanka announces new 2,000-rupees note
    The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has announced it will issue a new currency note of 2,000 rupees as part of the current 11th currency note series. Security features will also
  • Sri Lanka issues commemorative banknote
    As predicted at the beginning of the year, the  Central Bank of Sri Lanka has started issuing 5 million commemorative banknotes on 4 February 2017 celebrating the 70th ann
  • Sri Lanka is printing commemorative notes
    The  Central Bank of Sri Lanka  will issue special commemorative notes this year. From the Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka: " Several denominations of new currency notes are to
  • Sri Lanka issues commemorative note
    The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has issued a commemorative note today, 15 November 2013. The 500 rupees note has been issued to mark the Commonwealth Heads of Government Mee
  • Sri Lanka
    20 Rupees - P116a

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