New face for Britains 10 Pound

The Bank of England has released a list of 150 names put forward by the public with famous Britons to be considered for the new 10 Pound banknote. This note currently has an image of Charles Darwin on the back.

Some of the new names include David Beckham, Mick Jagger, The Beatles, Sir Winston Churchill and William Shakespeare. The most likely new face however is Second World War Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing who died in 1954. More than 25.000 people have signed an online petition calling for recognition of his achievements. 

The complete list after the break:

Roger Bacon (Birth-1220, Death-1292)-Philosophy
Geoffrey Chaucer (Birth-1340, Death-1400)-Writer
Thomas Tallis (Birth-1505, Death-1585)-Composer
Francis Drake (Birth-1540, Death-1596)-Explorer / Naval Commander
William Shakespeare (Birth-1564, Death-1616)-Poet / Playwright
John Donne (Birth-1572, Death-1631)-Poet
Inigo Jones (Birth-1573, Death-1652)-Architect
William Harvey (Birth-1578, Death-1657)-Physician
John Milton (Birth-1608, Death-1674)-Poet
Robert Boyle (Birth-1627, Death-1691)-Chemistry
John Bunyan (Birth-1628, Death-1688)-Author
Sir John Houblon (Birth-1632, Death-1712)-Bank’s first Governor
Sir Christopher Wren (Birth-1632, Death-1723)-Architect
Samuel Pepys (Birth-1633, Death-1703)-Diarist / Naval Administrator
Robert Hooke (Birth-1635, Death-1703)-Surveyor-Physicist
Sir Isaac Newton (Birth-1643, Death-1727)-Scientist
Henry Purcell (Birth-1659, Death-1695)-Music
Thomas Newcomen (Birth-1663, Death-1729)-Engineer (Steam Engine)
Abraham Darby (Birth-1678, Death-1717)-Engineer (Iron)
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (Birth-1689, Death-1762)-Feminist Author
John Harrison (Birth-1693, Death-1776)-Inventor of Marine Chronometer
John Capability Brown (Birth-1716, Death-1783)-Landscape Architect
James Brindley (Birth-1716, Death-1772)-Canal Builder
Thomas Chippendale (Birth-1718, Death-1779)-Furniture Design
James Hargreaves (Birth-1720, Death-1778)-Inventor/Engineer
Adam Smith (Birth-1723, Death-1790)-Economist
Sir Joshua Reynolds (Birth-1723, Death-1792)-Painter (RA Founder)
John Smeaton (Birth-1724, Death-1792)-Engineer (Lighthouse)
Thomas Gainsborough (Birth-1727, Death-1788)-Painter
James Cook (Birth-1728, Death-1779)-Explorer
Robert Adam (Birth-1728, Death-1792)-Architect
Matthew Boulton (Birth-1728, Death-1809)-Engineer
Josiah Wedgwood (Birth-1730, Death-1795)-Industrialist
Henry Cavendish (Birth-1731, Death-1810)-Scientist
Sir Richard Arkwright (Birth-1732, Death-1792)-Inventor/Engineer
James Watt (Birth-1736, Death-1819)-Engineer
Thomas Paine (Birth-1737, Death-1809)-Author/Pamphleteer
Joseph Banks (Birth-1743, Death-1820)-Botanist
Olaudah Equiano (Birth-1745, Death-1797)-Writer, Former Slave, Abolitionist.
Edward Jenner (Birth-1749, Death-1823)-Doctor
Humphry Repton (Birth-1752, Death-1818)-Landscape Designer
Sir John Soane (Birth-1753, Death-1837)-Architect
Thomas Bewick (Birth-1753, Death-1828)-Wood Engraver
Thomas Coke (Birth-1754, Death-1842)-Agricultural Improvement
Thomas Telford (Birth-1757, Death-1834)-Civil Engineer
Lord Townsend (Birth-1757, Death-1833)-MP
William Blake (Birth-1757, Death-1827)-Poet
Admiral Lord Nelson (Birth-1758, Death-1805)-Naval Commander
Robert Burns (Birth-1759, Death-1796)-Poet and Lyricist
William Wilberforce (Birth-1759, Death-1833)-Social Reformer
John Rennie (Birth-1761, Death-1821)-Scottish Civil Engineer who designed many bridges, Canals and Docks
1st Duke of Wellington (Birth-1769, Death-1852)-General/Statesman
William Wordsworth (Birth-1770, Death-1850)-Poet
Richard Trevithick (Birth-1771, Death-1833)-Steam Locomotive
David Ricardo (Birth-1772, Death-1823)-Economist
George Caley (Birth-1773, Death-1857)-Aeronautics
Jane Austen (Birth-1775, Death-1817)-Novelist
Joseph William Turner (Birth-1775, Death-1851)-Painter
John Constable (Birth-1776, Death-1837)-Painter
Sir Humphrey Davy (Birth-1778, Death-1829)-Chemist
Mary Fairfax Greig Somerville (Birth-1780, Death-1872)-Mathematician
Elizabeth Fry (Birth-1780, Death-1845)-reformer
George Stephenson (Birth-1781, Death-1848)-Engineer
Sir Robert Peel (Birth-1788, Death-1850)-Prime Minister
Lord Byron (Birth-1788, Death-1824)-Poet
Charles Babbage (Birth-1791, Death-1871)-Mathematician
Michael Faraday (Birth-1791, Death-1867)-Chemist
John Keats (Birth-1795, Death-1821)-Poet
George Peabody (Birth-1795, Death-1869)-Philanthropist
W H Fox Talbot (Birth-1800, Death-1877)-Photographer
Lord Shaftesbury (Birth-1801, Death-1885)-Politician
Joseph Paxton (Birth-1803, Death-1865)-Architect
Joseph Whitworth (Birth-1803, Death-1887)-Engineer
Mary Grant Seacole (Birth-1805, Death-1881)-Nurse
I K Brunel (Birth-1806, Death-1859)-Engineer
Elizabeth Browning (Birth-1806, Death-1861)-Poet
John Stuart Mill (Birth-1806, Death-1873)-Philosopher
Ira Aldridge (Birth-1807, Death-1867)-Shakespearean Actor
William Penney (Birth-1808, Death-1892)-Explorer
Charles Darwin (Birth-1809, Death-1882)-Naturalist
Alfred Lord Tennyson (Birth-1809, Death-1892)-Poet
Dr William Penny Brookes (Birth-1809, Death-1895)-Doctor of Medicine
William George Armstrong (Birth-1810, Death-1900)-Civil & Mechanical Engineer
Sir Gilbert Scott (Birth-1811, Death-1878)-Architect
Harry Clasper (Birth-1812, Death-1870)-Professional Rower and Boat builder
Charles Dickens (Birth-1812, Death-1870)-Writer
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (Birth-1812, Death-1852)-Architect/Designer
John Snow (Birth-1813, Death-1858)-Physician & leader in the adoption of anaesthesia
Sir Henry Bessemer (Birth-1813, Death-1898)-Engineer
Sir (Isaac) James Pitman (Birth-1813, Death-1897)-Educator Publisher
Grace Darling (Birth-1815, Death-1842)-Lifeboats
Joseph Bazalgette (Birth-1819, Death-1891)-Civil Engineer
Florence Nightingale (Birth-1820, Death-1910)-Nursing
Dadabhai Naoroji (Birth-1825, Death-1917)-MP
Lord Lister (Birth-1827, Death-1912)-Medicine
General William Booth (Birth-1829, Death-1912)-Social Reformer
James Clerk Maxwell (Birth-1831, Death-1879)-Mathematician
William Morris (Birth-1834, Death-1896)-Artist
Sir John Lubbock, the First Lord Avebury (Birth-1834, Death-1913)-Scientist, Politician, Author and Banker
Henry Maudsley (Birth-1835, Death-1918)-Psychiatrist
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (Birth-1836, Death-1917)-Medicine
Isabella Mary Beeton (Birth-1836, Death-1865)-Domestic Science
Octavia Hill (Birth-1838, Death-1912)-Social Reformer
Thomas Hardy (Birth-1840, Death-1928)-Writer
Dr Thomas Barnardo (Birth-1845, Death-1905)-Childcare Reformer
Oscar Wilde (Birth-1854, Death-1900)-Writer, Poet
Charles Parsons (Birth-1854, Death-1931)-Steam Turbine
Sir Edward Elgar (Birth-1857, Death-1934)-Music
Robert Baden-Powell (Birth-1857, Death-1941)-Scouting
Dame Emily Penrose (Birth-1858, Death-1942)-Education
Emmeline Pankhurst (Birth-1858, Death-1928)-Suffragette
Dame Ethel Smyth (Birth-1858, Death-1944)-Composer
Margaret McMillan (Birth-1860, Death-1931)-Education
Frederick Henry Royce (Birth-1863, Death-1933)-Engineer
Rudyard Kipling (Birth-1865, Death-1936)-Writer
Edith Cavell (Birth-1865, Death-1915)-Nurse
(Helen) Beatrix Potter (Birth-1865, Death-1943)-Author
Captain Robert Falcon Scott (Birth-1868, Death-1912)-British Royal Navy Officer and Antarctic Explorer
Ralph Vaughan Williams (Birth-1872, Death-1958)-Music
Bertrand Russell (Birth-1872, Death-1970)-Philosopher
Sir Winston Churchill (Birth-1874, Death-1965)-Statesman
Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor (Birth-1879, Death-1964)-First Woman MP
Marie Stopes (Birth-1880, Death-1958)-Scientist
Sir Alexander Fleming (Birth-1881, Death-1955)-Medicine
John Maynard Keynes (Birth-1883, Death-1946)-Economist
Clough Williams-Ellis (Birth-1883, Death-1978)-Architect
Sir Barnes Wallis (Birth-1887, Death-1979)-Scientist
Sir Robert Watson-Watt (Birth-1892, Death-1973)-Physicist
Reginald Mitchell (Birth-1895, Death-1937)-Aeronautical Engineer
Sir John Cockcroft (Birth-1897, Death-1967)-Scientist
Earl Mountbatten of Burma (Birth-1900, Death-1979)-British Admiral of the Fleet/Last Viceroy of India
Queen Mother (Birth-1900, Death-2002)-Member of the Royal Family
Lord Maybray King (Birth-1901, Death-1986)-MP/Former Speaker of the House of Commons
George Orwell (Birth-1903, Death-1950)-Author
Thomas Flowers MBE (Birth-1905, Death-1998)-Engineer (designer of colossus)
Sir Frank Whittle (Birth-1907, Death-1996)-Engineer
Alan Turing (Birth-1912, Death-1954)-Mathematician/Cryptographer
Benjamin Britten (Birth-1913, Death-1976)-Composer
Rosalind Franklin (Birth-1920, Death-1958)-Scientist
HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Birth-1921)-Member of the Royal Family
Sir David Attenborough (Birth-1926)-British broadcaster and naturalist
Sir Jonathan Miller (Birth-1934)-Neurologist/Theatre Director/Presenter
Michael Parkinson (Birth-1935)-Television Presenter
Terry Wogan (Birth-1938)-Radio/Television broadcaster
John Cleese (Birth-1939)-Comedian/Actor
Richard Dawkins (Birth-1941)-Ethologist/Evolutionary Biologist
Stephen Hawking (Birth-1942)-Physicist
Mick Jagger (Birth-1943)-Musician
Sir Terence Pratchett (Birth-1948)-Novelist
Richard Branson (Birth-1950)-Entrepreneur
Linda Smith (Birth-1958, Death-2006)-Comedian/President of the British Humanist Association
The Beatles-Musicians
Princess Diana (Birth-1961, Death-1997)-Member of the Royal Family
Robbie Williams (Birth-1974)-Singer/Song-writer
Michael Vaughan(Birth-1974)-Cricketer
David Beckham (Birth-1975)-Footballer
Jonny Wilkinson (Birth-1979)-Rugby player

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