Mujand strikes again

The fantasy banknote creator Mujand has issued several new series of fantasy banknotes, some of which I have had the good fortune to hold in my hand and admire the beautiful artwork up close. The notes are quite popular judging by the many sold-out signs in the webshop. Take this as a hint to order your specimens fast if you like them (Christmas is just around the corner...). 

For a while we have seen some interesting notes from the fictional world of Blissdane Naïve. The nations on the planet and their history provide a seemingly endless source of inspiration for the many banknote sets. Recent side projects like the National Parks and the Legend series prove however that 'our' world can also be a big inspiration for some very nice designs. 

The Legend series has three new notes of which one suprised me. The new notes feature Pocahontas, Jeanne d'Arc and Benedict Arnold. Now the last person was a surprise for me. Because I had always assumed after the first two notes in this series (Mata Hari and Lady Godiva) that we would get to see female legends. Apparently men are also welcome on these notes which opens up a whole range of possible new legends for future.

Of the three new notes I like the one with Jeanne d'Arc (or Jehanne d'Arc as it is spelled in the old way on the note) the most. It looks very similar to some of the old French banknotes which I happen to like a lot. 

A new series from the world of Blissdane Naïve is the one from Mrokland. The series is called "the archers of Obrion" and the notes all show different archers ready to shoot their arrows. 

The second new series is from the 'Isle of Komplece' and is my favourite of the lot. Why? Simple: animals! I always like to see animals on banknotes and this series in particular is fantastic. The notes have aquatic animals on the front and a bird on the back. I would immediately believe it if some country by the sea on our planet would issue these banknotes as their own. For some reason I got a bit of a Norwegian vibe from the notes (no turtles or dolphins in their waters of course, but still...). 

The nation of Romedia is another new entry from Mujand. The look and feel of these notes is completely different from the one above, from the Isle of Komplece. But the collector of exotic animals will be happy: lots of beautiful animals on the front and the back. 

The last new series of Mujand is a very interesting one. When I first saw the notes I immediately got this propaganda feel from them. And not the good kind of propaganda: the caricatures of greedy, wealthy people on the back in contrast with the poor beside them feels like a political message. A very interesting design!

All the notes, current and past series and the stories behind the notes can be seen on

Disclaimer: these notes were sent for review purposes. The text is entirely mine and was not paid for or asked for in any way.

Steven Vrijdag 13 December 2019 at 11:42 am | | news
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