Banknote printers

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Banknote Printers & Coin Mints

Other Printers:

  • Arjo Wiggins supplies banknote paper for more than 130 countries, and Euro paper to many of the European Central Banks. With 3 banknote paper mills located in France, The Netherlands and Brazil, we guarantee flexibility and know how without any comparison.
  • Crane and Company - one of Crane & Co.’s early patents, issued in 1844, was for denominating banknotes by embedding parallel silk security threads in the paper. In January of 2002, Crane & Co. acquired AB Tumba Bruk, Tumba, Sweden, paper maker and printer of banknotes and high security documents since 1755.
  • Giesecke & Devrient prints banknotes and securities, and supplies security paper and banknote processing equipment, as well as complete identification systems and cards and card systems for electronic payment and telecommunications.
  • Goznak - since 1724, Goznak has had a long and distinguished tradition as a banknote and security printer and a producer of security paper and related products in Russia. 
  • Hologram Industries - founded in 1984, Hologram Industries is a French company specialised in the creation, production and sale of optical security components, most commonly referred to as holograms. H.I. has customers in more than 30 countries and is responsible for the creation of the originations for the high denominations of the newly issued Euro.
  • Hueck Folien has unrivalled expertise with world-wide technology leadership in the area of high-value security threads for banknotes, securities and documents.
  • KBA-GIORI is a global supplier of security printing systems serving the banknote industry. Our machines are used in the production of virtually all banknotes in circulation around the world.
  • Leonhard Kurz GmbH & Co. KG - from its beginning as a gold foil producer, it is today a leading manufacturer in the world of security hotstamping foils. Since the start of the security business in the KURZ Group in the early 80s, KURZ has contributed to currency series for 61 countries and more than 150 different banknotes including the Swiss Franc, the Pound Sterling and the EURO by its OVD security products.
  • Orell Füssli - founded in 1519, is one of the world's oldest printing companies. You'll find the Orell Füssli logo on many of the things that accompany us in our daily life: on books, banknotes, securities and plastic cards.
  • Papierfabrik Louisenthal - is a world-ranking manufacturer of banknote and security paper. A subsidiary of the Giesecke & Devrient Group, Papierfabrik Louisenthal is sole supplier of banknote paper to the Deutsche Bundesbank. Papierfabrik Louisenthal also supplies banknote and security paper to central banks in more than 80 countries and to many printing works of central banks and security printers all over the world.
  • SICPA - for 75 years, SICPA has provided security solutions for documents of value of all types, from banknotes to passports to cheques.
  • De la Rue - After 200 years in business the world's largest commercial banknote printer is responsible for 150 currencies. That means 1 in 5 of every type of banknote being used in the world right now, is printed by De la Rue.
  • Landqart Paper from Switzerland has been operational since 1872 and prints the banknotes for more than 30 countries.
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