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  • Malawi plans introduction of 5,000-kwacha note
    The Reserve Bank of Malawi is planning to issue a new banknote of 5,000-kwacha. The current highest denomination in Malawi is the 2,000-kwacha note introduced about a year
  • Malawi has issued new 2,000-kwacha note
    Banknotenews.com reports that the  Reserve Bank of Malawi  (RBM) has issued a new note of 2,000-kwacha on 19 December 2016. I have to admit I didn't notice this piece of n
  • Malawi announces new note and revises current series
    The Reserve Bank of Malawi  (RBM) has announced new and revised banknotes. The new banknote will be a special issue of 1000 kwacha in commemoration of the country’s 50 yea
  • Malawi cancels old kwacha series
    The Nyasa Times reports that Malawi has cancelled the old series which were issued prior to the current kwacha series. On 23 May 2012 the Reserve Bank of Malawi introduced

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