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  • Paraguay ready for redenomination
    The Banco Central de Paraguay has stated it's ready for the redenomination of the national currency by eliminating three zeros when Congress approves it. The nation has be
  • Paraguay has updated security features on three notes
    The Banco Central de Paraguay has issued three updated versions of the 20,000-, 50,000 and 100,000-guaranies notes, several sites report. The three denominations have the
  • Paraguay plans to issue a 500.000 guaraníes banknote
    Paraguay plans to issue a new 500.000 guaraníes banknote in 2014. In a few weeks time the theme and design will be chosen. The issue date is unknown but will be in 2014. W
  • New polymer banknote for Paraguay
    Banknotenews reports that Paraguay is going to issue a new 5000 guarani note made from polymer. This will be the first polymer note for Paraguay.  According to  this post
  • Horror from Paraguay
    While checking all the sites of Central Banks yesterday , I stumbled on a truly horrific spectacle. On the website of the Central Bank of Paraguay , they show a video of b
  • Paraguay
    1 Guaraní - P193b

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