The Maldives issue commemorative 5,000-rufiyaa note

At the beginning of this year the Maldives Monetary Authority announced it was designing a commemorative note celebrating 50 years of independence. I guessed it would be presented around 26 July 2015 and behold: I guessed right!

Yesterday the MMA introduced the commemorative polymer 5,000-rufiyaa banknote to the world. The front of the note symbolises the growth and development of the country over 50 years, from 1965 to 2015. Two images of the northern seashore of the capital city of Male’, taken approximately 50 years apart, are used to portray the transition and progress.

The back of the note illustrates the ceremony in which Maldives officially gained independence, on 26 July 1965. It signifies the peaceful approach taken by the country in obtaining independence. The design around the illustration signifies the uniqueness, craftsmanship, heritage, and Islamic customs retained by Maldivians over the centuries.

The commemorative note was designed by Mr. Abdulla Nashaath. The Dhivehi typography used in the commemorative note was developed by Mr. Mohamed Fayaz, Mr. Ibrahim Arafath, Ms. Khadheeja Shaneez Bushry and Mr. Hussain Fazeel. 

Honestly, I don't know what to think of this note. It doesn't look bad... but... the front also looks a bit like an early sketch instead of the finished product. The back looks more finished but also a bit outdated. Haven't we seen this kind of design decades ago?

I wonder what it will look like in real life. At 293 euro in nominal value, I doubt I will have one for real so maybe I can see it in Maastricht in September. 

Steven Maandag 27 Juli 2015 - 3:03 pm | | news
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