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  • Switzerland introduces its new 10-francs banknote
    The Swiss National Bank  (SNB) has introduced its new 10-francs banknote today. This is the third note in the new series and has Time as its theme. Was anyone expecting Sw
  • New 50- and 100-dollar notes for the Bahamas
    Fortress Paper has announced that the  Central Bank of the Bahamas  will use the Durasafe substrate developed by their subsidiary  Landqart AG for the new 50- and 100-doll
  • Next step towards new Swiss banknotes
    Switzerland is working on a new banknote series but the production of these new notes has faced some problems which led to inevitable delays . The new notes were supposed
  • New 25 dirham for Morocco issued
    The  central bank of Morocco has issued the new 25 dirham. According to this press release  posted on 28 December 2012 (in french, or in the english translation by Google)
  • First banknote printed on Durasafe
    With the issuance of the new Moroccan 25 Dirhams scheduled for this month, Bank al Maghrib , Morocco's central bank, will become the first in the world to issue a banknote

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