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  • US banknotes will get lots of new faces
    Just coming back from a vacation in the USA I was once again confronted with perhaps the most well known banknotes in the world but also some of the most boring in terms o
  • Jack Lew's official new signature
    Remember Jack Lew, the current Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and his funny signature ? I already wrote about his new signature in May , but now the Treasu
  • Jack Lew has a new signature
    Remember Jack Lew ? President Obama named him to be the new US Secretary of the Treasury, all people could talk about for days was his funny signature. It consists of a nu
  • Jack Lew's signature
    A rather funny story in New York Magazine about Jack Lew . In particular his signature. You might ask: what does it matter what the signature of the current chief of staff

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